Bright muscles? Neighboring countries show the strongest ace weapons China has the ability to deal with it?

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Bright muscles? Neighboring countries show the strongest ace weapons China has the ability to deal with it?

2018-12-23 20:25:40 307 ℃

Su-30MKK2 of Vietnam Air Force No. 8590

As a multi-purpose fighter exported by Russia, China's neighbor, Vietnam, also purchased the Su-30MKK2 multi-role fighter, but Vietnam called Su-30MK2V, the first batch of 24, the second batch of 12, and now a total of 36, more than China Southeast Asia's largest Su-30 fleet. Because the aircraft has strong multi-purpose capabilities, it is generally expected that in Southeast Asia, the Su-30MKK2 is the fifth-generation fighter - the most powerful fighter outside the 歼-20 and F-22 and F-35.

The number 8589 is the second batch of the seventh batch introduced by Vietnam

< p> Su-30MK2V is equipped with improved SDU-10U airborne fire control system, including air search, detection and tracking. There are two main functions: one is multi-target search and tracking mode, which can detect 10 targets simultaneously. The R-77 active radar air-to-air missile attacks two targets; the second is the ground/sea attack mode, including air ground ranging, mapping and terrain tracking and avoidance, etc., which can control X-59, X-31A and X-35. Opposite missiles, laser- and TV-guided precision-guided bombs.

Vietnamese pilots are also training on the ground

A batch of Su-30MK2V was assigned to the 923 regiment in Hanoi and the 935 regiment stationed in Ho Chi Minh City. It seems to be defending these two most important cities. The 12 batches introduced in the third batch were allocated to the important naval city, Da Nang, and used by the Navy, and mainly used to patrol the South China Sea. It is the main force in Vietnam to maintain air activities in this area.

The instructor is teaching the new pilot Su-30MK2V

It is believed that the Su-30MK2V in Vietnam is slightly upgraded based on the Su-30MKK2 purchased in China, so it is likely to be more advanced than China, so the threat to China will exist. But this statement is one-sided, just as it was earlier that the Su-30MKI in India is also more advanced than the Chinese Su-30MKK2. In fact, China has advanced R&D capabilities and can independently upgrade its Su-30MKK2, but India and Vietnam do not have this capability.

Su-30 in the first batch of Su-30MK2V

< p> Analysis believes that as a close neighbor of China, Vietnam is almost sourcing from China in purchasing Russian weapons, and Vietnam is also following procurement. This situation is just like India. At present, Vietnam not only has Su-27, Su-30, but also six "Kilo" class submarines. The force around the South China Sea is second only to China. As an opponent on the maritime dispute with the maritime dispute, using the same weapon platform will cause a lot of trouble in wartime. Of course, this is also the most desirable goal of Vietnam. However, China is the ancestor of Russian-style weapons. It is expected that Su-30MKK2 is in China's hands. It is no longer the original level. This may allow China to cope with the complicated situation in an emergency! What's more, now that China has the Su-35 and the 歼-20, and the same powerful combat system, then everyone will put a hundred hearts!

(Jun Guangwen at 2018.12.23)