The war is on the verge! US aircraft carrier battle group enters the Persian Gulf, Iran launches missiles near the aircraft carrier

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The war is on the verge! US aircraft carrier battle group enters the Persian Gulf, Iran launches missiles near the aircraft carrier

2018-12-23 20:25:40 375 ℃

The Strait of Hormuz, this is the only sea passage from the bay to the open ocean, and a strategic waterway that connects the Middle East crude oil producers with important world markets. As a result of Iran’s threat to close the Strait of Hormuz, an aircraft carrier formation in the United States entered the Persian Gulf on December 21, local time.

The Associated Press reported that about 30 Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guard naval vessels were on the same day, surrounded by the US military "John Stein The aircraft carrier of the "Niss" aircraft patrols the waters of the group and launches rockets.

According to US media reports, a small ship launched a UAV that looks like a "commercial grade" to shoot US ships. At the same time, US military reporters on the aircraft carrier "Stannis" are also shooting Iranian ships.

The Associated Press quoted Landis Commander Randy Peck as saying, "Iranian ships sailed to our ship and stopped in front and tried to capture the condition of our ship. "

At present, there is no report in the Iranian media about the arrival of the "Stannis" aircraft carrier strike group in the Persian Gulf." The aircraft carrier strike group led by Stanislas was deployed on December 8th, ending the longest deployment of the US aircraft carrier in the Middle East for 20 years.

December 12, these aircraft carrier strikes The group's own ships participated in the joint naval operation with the "Essex" amphibious assault ship strike group (ARG) in the Arabian Sea.

A few days earlier, the Iranian News Agency quoted the Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guards command Official Brigadier General Mohammad Pakpour said that the final phase of the "Great Prophet-12" exercise will begin on the 22nd, including the rapid response force, airborne troops and combat units, as well as the medium-range missile unit and the third Marine Corps. p>

Pakpour Brigadier General said, "We will not pose any threat to any country, but if the enemy tries to carry out a malicious attack on us, we will definitely do our best to fight aggressive enemies. We are practicing these in a simulated combat environment. Tactics."

The tension between the United States and Iran has escalated since President Trump announced his withdrawal from the Iranian nuclear deal reached in 2015 As a result of the Iranian nuclear deal, the international community lifted sanctions against Iran in exchange for Tehran’s commitment to the peaceful nature of its nuclear program.

Trump also decided to restore all sanctions and to Iran’s energy, Shipping, finance and other sectors have implemented a series of new restrictions, the ultimate goal of which is to cut Tehran’s oil exports to zero.

In turn, Iran’s military leadership has repeatedly warned the United States to engage in any provocation, and Threats to close the Strait of Hormuz when necessary.

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