The United States signs an order to withdraw troops from Syria. Orderer: Matisse, who is leaving

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The United States signs an order to withdraw troops from Syria. Orderer: Matisse, who is leaving

2018-12-24 10:25:06 1137 ℃

Original title: US signing the order to withdraw troops from Syria Orderer: outgoing Matisse

[Global Net report reporter Zhang Wei] The United States has signed an order to withdraw troops from Syria.

A US Defense Department official confirmed to CNN on the 23rd that "the execution order against Syria has been signed." Another Defense Ministry official said the order was signed by the outgoing Secretary of Defense James Matisse.

The executive order details how and when the US military will withdraw from Syria, but officials are reluctant to provide any additional details of the action. The report said that the order began to pave the way for the specific way and time for the US military to withdraw from Syria. Currently, the United States has approximately 2,600 servicemen in Syria.

The withdrawal is expected to begin in the coming weeks and may take several weeks to complete.

Previous media reports:

The withdrawal of the controversy caused opposition to many US senior officials.

The decision of the US government to withdraw troops from Syria Not only has it been questioned by allies, but it has also caused a lot of controversy in the United States. According to US media reports, US Secretary of State Pompeo and Presidential National Security Advisor Bolton have all opposed the immediate withdrawal from Syria. In addition, US Defense Secretary Matisse also strongly opposed the US government’s withdrawal from Syria. He believes that the withdrawal of the US will damage the regional allies’ trust in the United States and “give Russia and Iran in the Syrian game”. Bit". Due to dissatisfaction with the withdrawal decision, Matisse took the lead in submitting a resignation letter to the White House.

Iran: The US military’s involvement was a mistake at the beginning

22. Iranian media quoted Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Kasemé as saying that the US military presence in Syria was originally "wrong." Unreasonable, and directly led to tensions on the ground. This is also the first time Iran has responded to the announcement of the withdrawal of troops from Syria on the 19th.

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