The People’s Liberation Army patrols have wiped out the dusty decades of the Iron Lecti fight

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The People’s Liberation Army patrols have wiped out the dusty decades of the Iron Lecti fight

2018-12-24 10:25:06 405 ℃

In 1969, China and the Soviet Union, both in a state of tension and confrontation, made two rounds in the border area. A trip occurred in March at Zhenbao Island, Hulin County, Heilongjiang Province, where China won; a trip occurred in August at Tieriketi, Yumin County, Xinjiang, and the Soviet Union won. The former is widely known and the latter is unknown. It was not until the beginning of the 21st century that the mysterious veil of Tilketi’s battle was gradually unveiled, and it was only in the special historical period that we had a terrible defeat in addition to a victory in Jumbo Island.

The battle started at 9:50 am on August 13 and ended at 15:30. Our army participated in a total of 109 people, 40 people were killed or injured (including 28 people). 22 people who insisted on the unnamed highland (11 patrol group, 11 people in the middle cover group) did not return. A month later, the Soviet side returned 19 bodies of our body, 1 wounded, and the remaining 2 were unaccounted for.

This battle was a sudden attack by the Soviets against our frontier patrol detachment. The Soviet Union recovered the face lost on Zhenbao Island five months ago. However, although we are prepared for the possible attacks by the Soviets, the lesson is defeated by the light enemy, and the lessons are extremely painful.

Thoughts paralyzed: The day before the battle, the leaders of the military division went to the border station to understand the reorganization situation, when the border defense station requested them When they stayed to organize the leadership of this patrol, they said: You should not be anxious, the old repairs are so two times, seeing us is just two shots in the sky. At 8:30 on the morning of August 13, the command team reported to the military division that the enemy helicopters were scouting at low altitude. Some vehicles approached me and occupied the fortifications. They should have discovered our intentions and asked what to do next. The military division instructed the suspension of patrols, but after only half an hour, it was instructed to resume patrol immediately. Regardless of my attempt to expose, regardless of the serious situation of the enemy, I made up my mind, which led to the ultimate failure of this battle.

The secret is the same: the border guards organized the terrain six times and was discovered by the enemy five times. Once I saw the terrain, I contacted the border station for 40 minutes and was discovered by the enemy. On August 8th, when the telephone setter set up the telephone line from the border guard station to the intended command position, it was not concealed and disguised, and was clearly seen by the enemy in front. From August 11th to 13th, 10 reporters from Xinhua News Agency, Xinying and Bayi Factory traveled in and out, and were also discovered by the enemy. On the afternoon of the 12th, three cars were carrying a row into the border defense station without any disguise.

Insufficient organization and command: Disperse the 109 people participating in the battle at 6 points, with a front width of 5 kilometers. They have not built fortifications, they cannot support each other, and they cannot concentrate their forces to form a joint force during the war. They have become the battlefields of "you hit you, I beat me." The reserve team has only two classes and 21 people. It is necessary to support the cover groups of the two highlands separately. It seems that the strength is extremely weak and almost impossible. There are also no scheduled support combat units in the military and military divisions. After the battle started, only the local car was intercepted, and the second-line troops were transported 120 kilometers away to support. Due to the long distance, when the support troops arrived, the battle was over.

Low military quality: The military has been engaged in sports for years, military training has been severely impacted, and the technical and tactical basis is very poor: it is not skilled to use weapons in hand, it will not eliminate faults; it will not use terrain and features, and will not The movement under the enemy fire increased the casualties. At that time, the military division stipulated that the training time of the border guards accounted for 10% of the total time. Because there are fewer people and more diligent services, they have to fight wood and cut grass to engage in sideline business. Even the only 10% of the training time cannot be implemented.