Withdrawal from Syria Is Trump leading the snake out of the hole or really want to leave?

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Withdrawal from Syria Is Trump leading the snake out of the hole or really want to leave?

2018-12-24 10:25:08 335 ℃

Is this Trump stunned?

Trump withdraws from Syria: "The generals were caught off guard"

After the resignation of Matisse, the White House announced that the United States would withdraw its troops from Syria. The outgoing Secretary of Defense had previously criticized the plan as a "strategic mistake." Although the president and the Pentagon's chief official, Matisse, fell out, Trump said that when President Obama fired Matisse, Trump gave him a second chance, and Trump gave him a slap. Yes, this is Cheng Chuanpu, defeated Trump.

Turkey is ready to let go!

Eldo Ann feels that there is a rare opportunity to come.

It is reported that Erdogan vowed to complete the fight against terrorists after the withdrawal of the United States. At that time, Turkish President Erdogan promised Trump that once the US troops withdrew from him A strike will be launched against the remaining terrorists in Syria.

The Associated Press earlier quoted unnamed US and Turkish officials as saying that Trump decided to withdraw troops from Syria after talking to Turkish President Erdogan. This is the same as Trump throwing this mess to Erdogan, and Erdogan, who is trying to restore the Ottoman Empire, thinks that a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity comes. One can strike a famous attack on the so-called terrorists, and the other can use counter-terrorism. The name hit the Kurdish people. Turkey used to be incapable of fighting against Kurdish forces, because Kurdish armed forces often hide in Syria. Now that the opportunity has come, there is no hiding place for Kurdish armed forces under US shelter. Turkey can also let go of it.

What does the US withdrawal mean for ISIL?

One big question now is whether the US withdrawal will promote ISIS 2.0 to make a comeback?

Preparing for withdrawal

Some American experts believe that ISIL will not succeed because it is often too cruel Ultimately, it weakened the support of local people and prevented other insurgent organizations from cooperating with it, which made it more difficult for the international community to support ISIL. So ISIL can't make a comeback because it has no friends at all.

What does the US withdrawal mean for Hezbollah and Israel?

Netanyahu and Putin

After the withdrawal of the United States, Israeli leader Netanyahu publicly stated that he would strengthen the "effort" in Syria - that is, military operations. Originally, Netanyahu was a strong man in Israel and always wanted to complete his dreams. When the US troops withdrew, Israel could not ask for it, and there was no shortage of spells. It was just a killer for the old rival Iran!

The ongoing conflict between Israel and Hezbollah will heat up. To a certain extent, the existence of the United States in Syria before was a deterrent to Iran and Hezbollah. Now that the United States is preparing to withdraw its troops, Israel may fight hard and rely on itself to weaken Hezbollah. So in the future, you may see more IDFs and Israeli Air Forces entering Syria to fight Iran’s military bases, especially those related to Hezbollah.

What does the US withdrawal mean for their Kurdish allies?

Another important geopolitical impact of the US withdrawal is that Turkey will eventually be able to launch The war that it has always wanted is to attack the Kurds by marching eastward to the Euphrates River. Erdogan recently announced that the war may begin immediately within a month or so.

It is expected that Turkey’s attacks on Kurds, YPG and Syrian democratic forces will be fierce.

Experts predict that the United States may announce the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan in the future?

The US Army in Afghanistan

The US military has basically no results in the Afghan issue in recent years. It is still wasting money there, so some people predict that Trump’s character may also announce the withdrawal from there. This is again with Trang. The general campaign promises are consistent.

The withdrawal plan is also a "strike against morale" in the US military. The Afghan generals lament the US withdrawal plan.

The US military has been in Afghanistan for many years, and the impact is basically not. The Taliban is as strong as ever. Now the United States is trying to wait for a political solution between the Afghan government and the Taliban, and then quickly withdrawing troops.

Even at the negotiating table, you can't see the members of the Taliban and the Afghan government. They are separate. Therefore, the United States is waiting for a certain degree of calm in Afghanistan, and this is unlikely to happen.

The US military withdrew and there was a vacuum. The forces of the various parties turned back. This is Trump’s sham shot and the snake’s hole. Still really want to withdraw?