China's heavy-duty gas turbine core components have made a major breakthrough

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China's heavy-duty gas turbine core components have made a major breakthrough

2018-12-26 10:25:14 323 ℃

According to the Science and Technology Daily reported on December 26, China's first self-contained 300 MW class F heavy-duty gas turbine turbine first-stage vane castings passed the appraisal on the 25th. This is the first important breakthrough made by China in the core components of the heavy-duty gas turbine hot end, and it is also the most important milestone achievement of the national science and technology major project “Aero Engine and Gas Turbine”.

According to the State Power Investment Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the National Power Investment), the gas turbine, which is known as the “crown pearl of the equipment manufacturing industry”, has a history of 50 years in China, but before that China only With the manufacturing and assembly capacity of heavy-duty gas turbine cold-end components, the core technology of hot-end component design and manufacturing has not yet been mastered, and there is no independent research and development capability. Turbine first stage vane is a typical hot end part of heavy-duty gas turbines, and its core manufacturing technology has been absolutely blocked abroad.

Full-dimensional three-dimensional composite tilting turbine first-stage stationary leaf data image from Tsinghua Holdings

Thirteen experts from the "two machines" special expert advisory committee, three major powers, Beijing University of Science and Technology, SINOMACH, and Fushun Special Steel agreed that the China National Electric Power Investment Co., Ltd. will jointly re-ignite the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the Institute of Metals of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and Jiangsu Yongsheng. The research has not only delivered a set of qualified quality blades, but also delivered a set of curing process system and quality assurance system, laying a good foundation for turbine blade shaping design, and creating a number of records: the first domestically designed heavy-duty gas turbine large size First-class static leaf; the first domestic first-stage static leaf mother alloy with complete independent intellectual property rights, which has overcome the pure smelting technology; the first domestic self-casting heavy-duty gas turbine large-size first-class vane, which has overcome the precision of large-sized complex blades. Casting technology.

The Expert Advisory Committee picture from the National Power Investment

It is reported that the "two machines" project in 2015 The official launch of the year is the latest in the national science and technology major project; in 2016, it was listed as the first of the 100 major projects by the national “13th Five-Year Plan”. China's joint re-ignition is the main body of the "two-machine" special medium and heavy-duty gas turbines.