US military fighters entered the war in the early morning, bombing the Euphrates River Bridge, and the withdrawal of the army remains suspense

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US military fighters entered the war in the early morning, bombing the Euphrates River Bridge, and the withdrawal of the army remains suspense

2018-12-26 10:25:17 285 ℃

On December 24, local Kurdish media in Deir Zur reported that the US military suddenly entered the war in the early hours of the day, launched an attack on the Coba area in the west of Deir Zur, and blew up the Hala on the Euphrates River. Biya and Zarabia Bridge. The width of the river in this area is about 30 meters. After the bridge is blown up, the Syrian government forces that have been eager to try on the west bank of the river are temporarily unable to cross the river. In the past week, due to Turkey’s announcement of its intention to attack Manbi, and the White House’s announcement that the US military is about to withdraw, the Syrian army has taken corresponding measures. The country’s most elite armored division, the Tigers, has also been transferred to the local area. The militia in Iraq, Lebanon and Afghanistan built defensive fortifications in the area and prepared to act.

The Kurdish media said that the main goal of the US military’s operation was to blow up the Syrian army in the west of the Euphrates River. In the oil reservoirs of the region, while the US air strikes achieved this goal, they caused a large number of casualties of government troops. The bridges that were blown up were not significant, because the bridges only allowed infantry to pass, and armored vehicles could not pass, but the US military Sub-military operations have put tremendous pressure on local fortifications and future bridges. Looking at the current situation, the determination of the US military to continue to maintain the northeastern part of the Syrian Arab Republic does not seem to change. The action is so decisive, and how the future can fulfill the promise of withdrawing troops has become a great unknown. After all, the past five years, the US military Afghanistan, Iraq, and Syria have no more than 10 commitments to withdraw their troops. So far, there have been no promises.

According to the US military’s military presence announced at the beginning of 2018, the US military had 13 military bases and 2,000 US soldiers. , as well as hundreds of British soldiers and the French army that arrived in May. In the first half of this year, the White House declared that the US military has spent 700 billion US dollars to build it. If it is based on this speed, it should have exceeded 800 billion US dollars after 2018. And this figure is almost over the year of Turkey's GDP. Can the United States give it to Turkey without any return? The Russian military is also constantly releasing smoke bombs. The Russian media "Freedom News" actually said that Turkey has invited the Russian military to assist and enter Manbizi. Even if the White House agrees, can the US Congress agree?

In addition to the US military’s decisive air strike against the Syrian government forces, the US military is actively calling on Saudi Arabia and Egypt. Wait for the Arab countries to enter the northeastern region. The Saudi side has also agreed to provide support for local reconstruction. In fact, there are thousands of contradictions between the Arab countries such as Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey, which are still intensifying. The greater possibility of the US military is through nominal withdrawal. Lead to more powerful allies. In addition, Israel has also begun to actively support the Kurdish armed forces in recent days, which triggered strong Turkish dissatisfaction. The Foreign Minister called on the 24th that Mossad is trying to use the Kurdish factor to split Syria and call on the world to polish his eyes.