The "enchanting" that led to the demise of the Russian Empire? The world's first four-shot heavy bomber

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The "enchanting" that led to the demise of the Russian Empire? The world's first four-shot heavy bomber

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After 105 years ago, on December 23, 1913, the "Ilia Muromets" heavy bomber made its first flight. The largest and heaviest aircraft in the world at the time was definitely a huge victory for the Russian Empire and its aviation industry. The Russian giant bomber immediately caused a sensation around the world and became a small number of Russian industrial products that Western countries tried to imitate. However, three years after the giant aircraft officially began flight testing, the Russian Empire collapsed completely.

The same is a giant aircraft, the An-225 "Melia (Dream)" giant transport aircraft still maintains many flights recording. However, after it began to test flight, the Soviet Union also disintegrated in the third year. This is a very symbolic coincidence. Is it that the giant aircraft is a sign of the destruction of the country for the Russian nation? Fortunately, Russia does not currently design a giant aircraft, no need, no ability.

The improved version of the "Ilia Muromets" heavy bomber, on the prototype, under the seaplane .

This is one of the most famous and spectacular aerial photographs in the history of the world, "Ilia Muromets The heavy bomber was in a test flight, and two crew members stood on the platform at the top of the fuselage. Because the bomber is slower, only 70-90 km / h, so they can stand there, hold the rails tightly with both hands, and will not be taken away by the oncoming air.

The shelf of the "Ilia Murometz" heavy bomber with a ruler in front of the windshield is this The bombing sight at the time. The original bomber was equipped with a very advanced electric bomber, a perfect driving and navigation system, with a maximum load of 800 kg. The crew of the crew of 7 people, equipped with 8 machine guns for self-defense, was called an air monster at the time.

A photo of the repaired stain, let us see the style of the "Ilia Murometz" heavy bomber . The first generation of bomber pilots wearing a leather flight jacket in front.

From this perspective, you can see the special flag on the fuselage of the "Ilia Muromets" heavy bomber Painting.

This is the restoration effect of the "Ilia Murometz" heavy bomber drawn according to the drawings.

There was not much aerodynamic concept at the time, so the engine and cockpit were almost flat.

The slender body is the biggest feature. At the time, most aircraft were structurally and technically constrained. Very delicate.

Even today's perspective, such a bomber is still a giant. 105 years ago, it had already made its first flight.

Until the October Revolution of 1917, Russia withdrew from the war, "Ilia Muromets" heavy bombers He has performed 422 combat missions and bombed more than 2,000.

The "Ilia Muromets" heavy bomber lost only two of them during the entire war, one of which Successfully forced to land, the other also used a machine gun to shoot down three German fighters before the forced landing, the combat power is staggering.

"Ilia Muromets" heavy bomber is actually based on the "Vitatz" passenger aircraft Then, this photo taken in early 1913, standing in front of the cockpit of the "Vitatz" passenger plane is the chief designer of the aircraft, Igor Ivanovic Sikorsky, 24 years old. . Yes, he was a talented engineer who later went to the United States to set up Sikorsky Aviation Engineering. Sikorsky designed the world's first four-engine heavy aircraft, the first mass-produced helicopter, and the proponent of the modern helicopter (single-rotor with tail rotor).

The cabin of the "Vitatz" has a small table and several wicker chairs, which is owned by the four-passenger aircraft. The world's first enclosed cockpit, there is actually a heating system. This perfect cockpit continued to the "Ilia Murometz" heavy bomber, enabling the bomber pilots at that time to enjoy a rather pleasant air time.

The "Murrom" seaplane for the test flight in the Gulf of Finland, it is "Ilia Muromets "Improved type of heavy bomber.