The Chinese Army's "new tank" officially unveiled: 35 tons of self-weight with 105mm artillery

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The Chinese Army's "new tank" officially unveiled: 35 tons of self-weight with 105mm artillery

2018-12-27 00:25:25 354 ℃

At the National Museum exhibition in the previous period, we publicly unveiled many of our military's new weapons and equipment, including one. The light tank, officially numbered as Type 15, is a new light tank that is currently being tested in a part of the Army and is expected to be officially equipped with the Army in 2019.

It is reported that this "light-weight main battle tank" newly developed after the 99A and 96B heavy-duty main battle tanks in China, The weight is about 35 tons, which is the latest achievement of China's information army armor.

This kind of light tank developed mainly for the mountainous features of mountainous, hilly and multi-water networks in the south of China, the total weight of the battle is precisely limited to 32 tons to 35 tons, but in weight reduction At the same time, its combat effectiveness and protection have not shrunk significantly.

According to the grapevine, the "15 tank" uses a new 105mm tank gun, although there is no specific Parameters, but it can be determined that it is better than the "94" 105mm tank gun equipped on the 88A tank and the 59D tank. When it cooperates with our 105mm armor-piercing projectile, it can effectively penetrate the active main battle tanks of China and other countries in India.

In terms of power, it is said that the engine of the "15" tank has a maximum power of only 1,000 horsepower. Excellent place, but considering its total weight is only 35 tons, the specific power of this engine is very good. Moreover, the tank also adopts a semi-active torsion bar suspension. With this engine and the interior environmental control system and the engine auxiliary system, it can fully adapt to the humid environment in the south and the high-altitude air in the southwest. Ability.

In terms of protection, "15 tanks" can be added to China's "FY-4" or "FY-X" "After the new reaction armor, within the normal combat distance, it can effectively defend the 3BM-42 armor-piercing projectiles of Russian-made tanks equipped in India or Vietnam, and even more abnormal, the "15-tank" reaction armor can also resist these countries. Directly attack the direct attack of anti-tank missiles!

Of course, in addition to the excellent hardware system, the software system must be excellent to maximize the "15 style" The full strength of the tank. Therefore, we have seen a lot of informatization and situational awareness on the “15 tanks”, so that with the panoramic photoelectric and warning system around the turret, we can achieve “first enemy discovery, first enemy maneuver, first enemy strike”. To fully improve their own viability.