These three fighters are the main force of the Chinese Air Force, and the Su-35 is also strong enough to stand by

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These three fighters are the main force of the Chinese Air Force, and the Su-35 is also strong enough to stand by

2018-12-27 00:25:25 417 ℃

A few days ago, China exposed a set of pictures. There were three fighters on this screen, namely the Chinese 歼-10C and the 歼-16 Fighting 歼-20 fighter. These three fighters are China's current main fighters. China must speed up the construction and service of these three fighters in order to cope with the increasingly complex situation in the surrounding area.

There are currently five generations of stealth fighters deployed in China, and there will be at least 500 and more five generations around China in the future. Stealth fighter power. For the Chinese Air Force, the pressure is still not small. These 500 stealth fighters are composed of multinational air combat forces. It is obviously unrealistic for China to have the stealth combat capability against multinational air forces. Therefore, China needs to use the 歼-10C歼-16 and other models to make up for China’s 歼-20 deficiency. Situation.

So many people have to ask, China is not buying a batch of Russian Su-35 fighters, why not Additional purchase? The Su-35 is a very good four-generation semi-fighter, so that the strength of the Chinese Air Force can be improved in a short period of time.

In fact, the reason why China purchased 24 Su-35 fighters is because it needs to make up for the current lack of combat effectiveness of the Chinese Air Force. But in the future, China can produce a version that is stronger than the Su-35 fighter. The Su-35 fighter is a fighter that relies on maneuverability to win. However, at this air show, China has already demonstrated an axisymmetric vector engine, so the mature engine will be installed on our fighters in the future. Su-35 in Russia.

The data volume of the other Su-35 fighters and Chinese fighters is not necessarily universal, and the modern air force combat is focused on System combat, can not be integrated into the Chinese system fighters, will never become China's main fighter. It seems that in the next period of time, the Chinese Air Force's girders will be provoked by the 歼-16, 歼-10C and 歼-20.