Adding to the Chinese Air Force "harassing" its military aircraft. China: not far from the world to dry up

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Adding to the Chinese Air Force "harassing" its military aircraft. China: not far from the world to dry up

2018-12-28 00:25:00 282 ℃

Original title: Canada accuses the Chinese Air Force of “harassing” its reconnaissance aircraft. The Ministry of Defense: The Chinese military has always been disposed of according to laws and regulations.

[Global Times-Global Network Reporter Guo Yuandan] accuses Canada of Chinese fighters The international airspace interception and reconnaissance plane near the Korean peninsula, on the 27th, at the regular press conference of the Ministry of National Defense in December, the Ministry of National Defense spokesman Wu Qian said that the Canadian accusation does not conform to the facts.

China and Canada have always lacked hotspots in their defense relations. It is not easy to mention the regular press conferences of the Ministry of National Defense over the years.

On October 19th, Canadian Defense Chief of Staff Jonathan Vance said that a Canadian military reconnaissance aircraft responsible for monitoring the implementation of the UN sanctions against the DPRK was "harassed" by the Chinese Air Force in the international airspace near North Korea. . The Chinese Air Force’s provocative behavior against Canadian reconnaissance planes is a disturbing “behavior model” that undermines “freedom of navigation” at sea and in the air.

The incident allegedly occurred in October this year, when Canada’s CP-140 reconnaissance aircraft (the Canadian version of the P-3 anti-submarine patrol aircraft) continued to monitor the waters off North Korea in search of violations of the UN Security Council. Cargo ships and tankers embargoed by the DPRK.

When answering a question from the Global Times reporter, Wu Qian responded, "I don't know what the Canadian military aircraft is doing here. For similar situations, the Chinese military has always dealt with it according to the law. The accusation does not match the facts."

Editor: Ouyang Jianjun