Attacking the Chinese Consulate in Pakistan "behind the scenes" was killed in the street? The scene is fierce

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Attacking the Chinese Consulate in Pakistan "behind the scenes" was killed in the street? The scene is fierce

2018-12-28 00:25:00 310 ℃
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On November 23, 2018, three militants attacked the Chinese Consulate in Pakistan, and the Pakistani female assistant superintendent Suhai Aziz Tal was finally sent. The Boering Department frustrated and killed all three militants, but the Pakistani police also sacrificed two outstanding police officers, and another consulate security officer was injured.

[Three gangsters who attempted to attack our consulate in China]

[The first Pakistani female assistant superintendent Suhai Aziz Talpur who rushed to the scene to encircle the militants]

Although the militants were smashed, Behind the scenes, the black hand was still at large, and the armed group called the Balochist People's Liberation Army (BLA) announced that it was responsible for the attack. At that time, the Pakistani police and other law enforcement agencies jointly acted on the same day and arrested two suspects related to the attack. And in addition, 13 suspects were locked. However, it still did not catch the behind-the-scenes of the attack.

[This person is behind the scenes, Aslam Balu, he is a BLA The commander has multiple names such as Aslam Achchu, who have close ties with the United States, Afghanistan, India, etc.

[This person was treated in India because the Pakistani military’s actions were injured and fled to India. It can be seen that it has a relationship with India.

On Christmas Eve, a suicide attacker in Kandahar, Afghanistan, will attack the organizer of our consulate, Aslam. Aslam Baloch was sent to the sky, and there were several others with him. That is to say, this attack has devastated the top leaders of the Balochist People's Liberation Army (BLA) who organized the attack on our consulate.

[About this attack, some news The source said that it was a suicide attack. Some sources said that it was killed by a gunman riding a motorcycle outside his home in Kandahar, but no matter what the person was killed, it was a bad one.

This armed group called the Balochist People's Liberation Army (BLA) is armed by the US Intelligence Organization. Since the United States believes that they can play a role in combating the Taliban in Afghanistan, it is not only the financial aid organization. It also prevented the Pakistani government from defining it as a "terrorist organization."

The road branch is Iran Part of the plateau, bordering Iran in the west, Kandahar in Afghanistan in the north, Punjab in Pakistan in the east, and the Arabian Sea in the south, facing the Oman Sea. The most important corridor of China's New Silk Road is the road, rail, gas and oil pipelines from Kashgar to Gwadar, the port of Baluch. Therefore, the separatist armed forces of this Balochistan are an armed organization that poses a great threat to all parties. They are backed by various forces, the biggest supporter of which is the United States. Now the death of this Aslam Baluchi is worthy of sin. I think if there is such a jumping clown in the future, it will definitely be on the death list as it is now. If you have any comments, please leave a comment below! Concerned about the WeChat public number: the history of war, many experts will continue to interpret for you in the public number. Independent professional, there is a kind of material, please use WeChat to search the public number: war history, watch the full insider interpretation of the political and military history of all war history.