A large number of F-16 air strikes against Syria, 30 commanders ordered Assad to clap their hands!

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A large number of F-16 air strikes against Syria, 30 commanders ordered Assad to clap their hands!

2019-01-02 09:04:10 332 ℃

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On the last day of 2018, there were dozens of people gathered in a two-story building in the village of Sosa on the southeastern border of Syria. They are discussing The current civil war situation in Syria and Iraq; just as the meeting was going on, the sky suddenly burst into a dull rolling thunder, and everyone’s face changed. They all got up and left, but it was already too late, and a sharp break was heard. Several missiles descended from the sky. This small building was swallowed up by the flames, and dozens of people who were in the meeting were spared.

This is the last air strike in 2018 launched by the F-16 of the Iraqi military ally of the US military ally in Syria. Very fruitful results: at least 30 ISIS commanders are being held in a meeting! On January 1, 2019, the overseas network quoted a statement issued by the Joint Command of the Iraqi Armed Forces saying that the Iraqi Air Force launched an air strike against a building in the village of Sosa in southeastern Syria, eliminating 30 people who were meeting in the building. Commander of the "Islamic State".

The report said that after receiving the local people’s report, the Iraqi Air Force’s F-16s were dispatched urgently, bypassing the ISIS eyeliner, and the ultra-low-altitude attacked the small ISIS commander. The building, which was originally a secret base of ISIS, is also the point of contact for the ISIS in Syria and Iraq.

Sosa Village is located near the Syrian border in Deir ez-Zor, not far from Hajin Town, and Jinzhen is the last stronghold of Syria's ISIS, and has successfully expelled the remaining ISIS organizations from the Iraqi army in the border area. It has already established a communication channel with the Syrian government forces under the coordination of Iran to jointly fight the residual forces of ISIS in the border areas. .

This successful operation of the Iraqi Air Force will hit the ISIS organization, for the performance of the Iraqi Air Force, the Syrian President Assad has repeatedly expressed his praise and gratitude in public. As one of the ultimate winners of this civil war, Assad can only effectively control less than 5% of the territory at the most critical moment, but he did not give up the hope of victory, decisively shrink at a critical moment. On the front line, Iran and Russian troops were invited to enter Syria. Later, they received support from Hezbollah in Lebanon, the Palestinian holy city brigade, and domestic tribal armed forces, which successfully reversed the war situation.

The United States has now ordered the withdrawal of troops from Syria, which has allowed Syria to see the last hope of peace. Of course, the recent situation is just like the outside world. As few people suspect, Trump seems to be changing faster than the three-year-old. According to Republican Senator Lindsay Graham, he asked Trump to have a meal and has successfully lobbied Trump to reassess the withdrawal plan. He said that Trump will withdraw his troops "slowly" in a clever way.

But no matter what speed the US military withdraws, one thing is certain: in terms of the help of the helpless and helpless, Syria’s peace is bound to be a victory for justice!