Why do I want to buy an -9 -178 security: the original is a fatal flaw!

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Why do I want to buy an -9 -178 security: the original is a fatal flaw!

2016-07-21 21:42:56 426 ℃

Any military equipment has its own value and significance, and they are the heart and blood of the military scientific research. Speaking of medium-sized transport, people will think of ANN -178, which is officially launched by the Bureau of Design Bureau, the first flight of the process has been prepared by attention. The greatest feature of the transport aircraft is equipped with a jet type construction, and the original characteristics of an -148 aircraft to be improved.

Security -178 development has a special significance, at present, many countries need transport aircraft, but many countries are too old models. After the official launch of the transport aircraft, many countries will consider purchasing, and it is relative to Ann -26, Ann -12 is concerned, there is a lot of advantages and role. The transport volume of the transport is very alarming, 99 soldiers ride is no problem, even if the individual loading of trucks, then you can reach the two standard, improve the efficiency of transport.

The Antonov Design Bureau has a new statement, he said the company wants to buy China, is used in civil fields. But now there's no wind. So people are taking into account our very iconic transport 9 transport aircraft, it is also a medium-sized equipment, with the 178 at the same level of the location, so there is no purchase intention is very normal.

From the point of view of the characteristics of the transport 9, the volume of cargo is not small, can reach 155 cubic meters, which is a little more than 23 cubic meters of 178. Is also an 178 can not be compared to the local. But also the media pointed out that there are 9 transport limitations. Before our country launched the -8, and later carried out a new design and improvement.

People in 2005 when he heard 9, and observed at the show. Now the aircraft already belongs to active equipment, people are still seen in the Zhuhai airshow. Shipped 9 using the 6 of the propeller, and a breakthrough was made in the power equipment, even the tail warehouse springboard also appeared in the ease of transition, and auxiliary engine new blessings. These have greatly improved the strength of the transport of 9, the number of its load reached 25T.

See here a lot of people have doubts, our country 9 is already very much! Is there anything to worry about? In fact, if you take out to see the size of the cargo hold, we will find that there is no match the existence of the problem, especially in the presence of wheeled vehicles is even more so. For example, ZBL-09 type of step chariot, type WZ551 6 armored vehicles can not be transported by transport 9, because it is not up to the height of the cargo. However, if you use an -178, then you can successfully solve the! So the current type of transport is limited to bulk cargo, so there are some disappointments in the 9. After all, before the 9 as a backbone transport aircraft! So the follow-up study will continue, China will continue to invest a lot of effort and experience, 9 of the transport capacity of China's strategic air transport is very important!