First for China! Russian Air Force receives the 100th Su 35S fighter

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First for China! Russian Air Force receives the 100th Su 35S fighter

2019-01-02 09:04:10 487 ℃

On December 11, the Russian Ministry of Defense held a grand ceremony at the Sukhoi Group "Gagarin Aircraft Manufacturing Plant" (KnAAZ) located in Komsomolsk-on-Amur. Celebrating the Russian Air Force to receive the 100th Su-35S fighter. Sukhoi’s director Alexander Pekkas said at the ceremony that since the decision to develop such a fighter in 2005, the plant has produced 100 Su-35S fighters and successfully delivered Russian troops and overseas users, regardless of The troops are still a major milestone for the factory.

The Russian Air Force received the 100th Su-35S and flight dynamics map.

Su-35S (formerly known as Su-35BM) was born out of the famous Sukhoi Design Bureau in 2003 "PAK-FA ("Future Frontline Fighter The plan, the later Su-57 transition project, is actually based on the Su-27M (the informal old name is also Su-35, which is different from the active model, collectively called "Lao Su-35"). In the meantime, a number of (applied to Su-57) fifth-generation machine technology was adopted. The picture shows the Su-27M flight test data, it can be seen that the three-wing layout is used.

This includes the replacement of two "Saturn" AL-41F1S turbofan engines (formerly known as "117S", with a maximum thrust of 142 kN). It has a thrust vector control (TVC) function that assists in braking and shortens the landing run distance, so the Su-35S eliminates the canard in the Su-27M three-wing layout and the traditional back speed reducer. In addition, after the replacement of the AL-41F1S engine, the Su-35S also has a supersonic cruise function.

The picture shows the thrust vector control nozzle of the Su-35S AL-41F1S engine at different angles.

The Su-35S is very spectacular when it performs a large overload flight show.

The Su-35S has 12 hanging points under the fuselage wing, which can mount a total of 8 tons of various weapons and ammunition. The maximum flying speed is 2.25 Mach. The maximum range is 4500 kilometers. The picture shows a cross-section of the Su-35S color structure.

The picture shows the Russian military Su-35S launching rockets on the ground.

The Russian Soviet Union-35S fighter unit entered combat in Syria for the first time in January 2016 and formed a "comprehensive combat capability" at the end of 2018. The picture shows two of the four Su-35S flying to Syria on January 30, 2016.

One of the official promotional photos of the Russian Army Su-35S.

According to the British "Jane's Defense Weekly" report, the Chinese Air Force ordered 24 Su-35S fighters from Russia in 2015, becoming the fighter of this type. The first overseas user, as of November 2018, 24 have been fully delivered. In recent years, the Su-35S units of the Chinese Air Force have also completed a number of missions including cruising around Taiwan Island and flying to the South China Sea for air patrols.

The Chinese Air Force Su-35S fighter formation and the dynamic map of the rocket launching to the ground.

In February 2018, the Su-35S fighter unit released by the Chinese Air Force flew to the South China Sea cruise video screenshot.

Russian Army Su-35S official publicity photo.

The Su-35S takes off and conducts a flight display dynamic map.

Sukhoi Group The Su-35S fleet waiting to be delivered in the "Gagalin Aircraft Manufacturing Plant" (KnAAZ).

The grounding data map of the Chinese Air Force Su-35S aircraft group.

The Chinese Air Force Su-35S pilot cockpit self-timer video screenshot, showing another Su-35S in the formation.