Undeclared war against the United States, a staunch ally sent fighter planes to Air-strike Russia, regretting having made an overstatement

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Undeclared war against the United States, a staunch ally sent fighter planes to Air-strike Russia, regretting having made an overstatement

2019-01-13 09:02:18 461 ℃

Just now, according to the official Syrian news agency reported on the 12th, on the evening of the 11th local time, the iron ally of the United States, the Israeli Air Force, launched F-16 fighter planes to launch a number of missiles into Damascus. Syrian air defense missiles immediately opened fire and intercepted them, causing damage to a warehouse at Syria International Airport. Earlier, Israel sent six warplanes to carry out air strikes on Syria, causing damage to Syrian ammunition depots. People can't help asking why Israel attacked Syria frequently. Is it not afraid to start a bigger war?

Since the outbreak of the Syrian civil war, Israel has launched attacks on Syria from time to time, either in response to Syrian rocket launches in the Golan Heights or because Syrian military bases and warehouses contain weapons that threaten Israel's national security. Israel had earlier declared that the air strikes on Syria were aimed at preventing Iran from supplying weapons to Hezbollah in Lebanon. Is it because Iran provides weapons to Hezbollah in Lebanon that Israel is frequently attacking Syria? Obviously, things are not that simple.

Israel and Syria have always had territorial disputes. During the first Middle East War, Israel occupied the Golan Heights, which belonged to the sovereign territory of Syria. This led to the fact that the two countries have not signed a peace agreement and are still technically at war. The Golan is situated at the southwestern end of Syria and covers an area of about 1800 square kilometers. It is the commanding heights at the junction of Syria, Lebanon and Israel. It can be said that this is not only a strategic place to monitor the three countries of Lebanon, Israel and Syria, but also a major source of fresh water in Israel. Under such circumstances, Israel has always been vigilant and hostile to Syria. Syria did not take action to recover the Golan Heights because of its limited strength and Israel's military protection from the United States. But after the announcement of the withdrawal of U.S. troops from Syria, Israel was very worried that Syria would seize the opportunity to recapture its territory. Therefore, Israel has adopted an Offensive-Defensive strategy to prevent the Golan Heights from returning to Syria.

It is worth mentioning that many Israeli air strikes narrate domestic targets, an important reason is that Hezbollah in Lebanon has received support from Syria. Israel believes that some of the targets in Syria are weapons depots or training camps of Hezbollah in Lebanon. Israel has always regarded Hezbollah in Lebanon as a terrorist organization and has repeatedly reiterated that an insurmountable red line for Israel is to prevent the flow of Iranian advanced weapons and equipment into the hands of Hezbollah in Lebanon through Syria. However, Hezbollah in Lebanon, like Iran, supports the Bashar government in its fight against the "Islamic State", in which case Syria or Iran cannot fail to provide it with the necessary weapons and ammunition. Therefore, Israel's air strikes are designed to make it clear to the Bashar Government that Israel is determined not to allow Hezbollah in Lebanon to acquire advanced weapons and equipment. However, Israel cut off Hezbollah's armed supply channels in Syria and objectively gave the "Islamic State" real support. Now, Israel's attitude towards Syria is that you hit your "Islamic State" and I hit my "Lebanese Hezbollah". But even so, Israel's frequent attacks on a sovereign state are not afraid to trigger a major war?

Israel fighter planes frequent air strikes, Syria is passive defense every time, while denouncing Israel greatly, and sometimes it will send out ruthless words, saying that the Syrian government forces have targeted the targets in the territory, will give the Israeli army an attack back, and Russia has helped condemn Israel's "aggression". But neither Syria nor Russia can offer substantial retaliation. Even if Israel's F-16 fighters deliberately "induced the misfire" of the Il-20M reconnaissance aircraft, Russia did not retaliate recklessly. Instead, the S-300 air defense missile system and the latest mobile "Beautiful Ocean" electronic warfare system are deployed in Syria. Russia has high-profile claims that the deployment of these weapons systems will completely paralyse Israeli warplanes'air strikes on Syria. But the facts show that the air strikes by Israeli warplanes not only ripped a hole in the air over Syria, but also completely retreated from the whole body after precise strikes on the targets, which made Russia lose face and regret having made an overstatement. After all, Russia is still busy with NATO's eastward expansion and Ukraine's problems. It dares not make too many enemies in the Middle East to avoid falling into the quagmire of war. It is through Russia's strategic bottom line that Israel dares to resort to frequent military action against Syria without fear of sparking large-scale war.