The United States announced a major news, marking the world's heavyweight electromagnetic gun competition has decided the result!

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The United States announced a major news, marking the world's heavyweight electromagnetic gun competition has decided the result!

2019-01-13 09:02:18 1243 ℃

Carefully test the overspeed projectile

The United States announces a major news, marking that the world heavyweight electromagnetic gun competition has been finalized!

The United States Navy carefully tested the overspeed projectile, and the Chinese electromagnetic gun warship appeared on the high seas.

An important message came from the Pentagon that the U.S. Navy destroyer carefully tested the hypervelocity shells and fired 20 rounds from the U.S. destroyer Dewey. The newly designed ammunition has a muzzle velocity of up to 2500 meters per second, which can effectively suppress large UAVs and cruise missiles. The report did not mention whether the test had been successful or not, and it seemed that there were at least no explosives.

072 II landing ship went out to sea to test electromagnetic orbital gun

and last week, a Chinese Navy landing ship 072 II went out to sea to test electromagnetic orbital gun, which became the focus of media attention. Some U.S. analysts say that China will deploy electromagnetic orbital guns ahead of Washington, which is a potential "strategic change".

China's electromagnetic orbital gun

When the pictures of sea test of Chinese 072 landing ship loaded with electromagnetic gun were published, the world was shocked. This shows that China's electromagnetic gun has solved the technical problems of kinetic energy and barrel life, and is becoming mature and manufactured. Before formal equipment, it must be tested at sea to improve the firing parameters and fire control system. And so on. In short, it's not far from formal equipment.

electromagnetic gun

US announces this important news, which indicates that the world heavyweight electromagnetic gun competition has been decided. This is tantamount to announcing that the U.S. electromagnetic gun project has been completely yellow, developed for more than ten years, is unable to break through the problem of short barrel reddening deformation life and explosive chamber, the Pentagon has not allocated funds to support the low-cost ultra-high-speed bomb!

Hypervelocity projectile is a low-cost alternative weapon to electromagnetic gun, which is currently used to deal with the threat of cruise missiles. According to the Pentagon, the cost of each upgraded Sparrow missile is $2 million; each Helam is worth $1 million, and the price of launching a Standard 2 missile is more than $400,000. The real missile is worth $12,000.

instead of super-high-speed bombs, the estimated price is between $75,000 and $100,000 at most. In terms of $100,000 per shot, one sparrow can exchange for 20 super-high-speed bombs, and one Helam can exchange for 10 super-high-speed bombs. The U.S. military considers that the performance-price ratio is very high. And the U.S. military's super-high-speed projectile export speed is said to be as high as the electromagnetic gun up to 2500 meters per second.

Of course, Americans are also aware that super-high-speed projectiles are slightly slower than those fired by electromagnetic orbital guns, but they provide a similar strike capability to shoot down air threats with super-high-speed relatively inexpensive projectiles. Twenty super-high-speed projectiles, even if each hit rate is only 10%, 20 hit out, the target damage probability is 90%. According to the U.S. military's algorithm, it's already a good deal.

Mk 45

In the view of the U.S. Army, it is meaningful to place these shells on Mk 45 deck guns. The Mk 45 deck gun is actually installed on every warship of the U.S. surface fleet, and the cost of modification is very small.

This does not mean that the United States is not interested in orbital guns, but that the gap has widened and the United States has to suspend the $500 million orbital guns.

According to a new report, despite years of investment and research, the U.S. Navy's electromagnetic orbital guns, which may change the rules of the game, may be permanently shelved .

The Pentagon's Office of Strategic Capabilities wants to cancel the funding of the electromagnetic railgun because the technology is not up to par and the Pentagon does not buy it at all.

American electromagnetic orbital gun

Contractors claimed a breakthrough in testing this year. Developers tested the orbital gun earlier this year. The results showed that the orbital gun could fire power projectiles at a speed of 4500 miles per hour and hit a small residential building 200 kilometers away.

Ultra-High Speed Projectile (HVP)

Ultra-High Speed Projectile. According to the Naval Research Office, the U.S. Navy is seeking the Ultra-High Speed Projectile (HVP), a low resistance guided projectile. The Pentagon believes that funding HVP will facilitate the next generation of weapons technology to "transition faster < strong > from the failure of the electromagnetic gun project ".

Originally HVP was designed for orbital guns and had a very dense shell compatible with traditional gun systems. These features and the fact that it does not rely on complex electromagnetic fields to launch super-high-speed projectiles make HVP a more attractive capital.

Robert Press, Deputy Secretary of defense, told Congress in May: "Although we believe that orbital guns are what we really want to pursue, it has been proved that traditional artillery that fires the same super-high-speed projectiles can make you almost as effective as electromagnetic orbital guns, and the technology is easier to achieve, the project can be done faster and the cost is lower. Why not? "

According to experts, the compatibility of the HVP hypervelocity projectile with the U.S. Army Weapon Platform is another reason why the Pentagon wants to terminate the electromagnetic orbital gun and concentrate on HVP.

Three kinds of projectiles

HVP super-high-speed projectiles can perform a variety of tasks. There are currently three kinds of projectiles: naval 5-inch naval guns; Marine Corps and Army 155mm systems; and future electromagnetic (EM) orbital guns. The high-speed and compact design reduces the incidental damage to the barrel of rocket engine and improves the safety. Unlike the electromagnetic gun, the ship's power system may be paralyzed and easy to blow up.

US electromagnetic gun shipboard effect map

large country, the United States is very injured. The U.S. military has no choice but to replace high-end electromagnetic guns with low-cost super-high-speed projectiles.