The United States found that it had made a big mistake. Fighter 20 has been flying for the first eight years and will open its fourth production line.

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The United States found that it had made a big mistake. Fighter 20 has been flying for the first eight years and will open its fourth production line.

2019-01-13 09:02:22 517 ℃

J-20 in flight

January 11, 2011, is an extremely important day for China, because on this day, the first flight of the self-developed stealth fighter J-20 has been completed, and China has finally possessed its own stealth fighter, which shocks the whole world for China's fighter development capability. Now eight years have passed, and only the three countries, China, the United States and Russia, can independently develop five generations of fighter planes, which can also see how China shocked the world that year.

From the former weak aviation country to the present research and development ability gradually catch up with Europe and the United States. China is moving forward step by step. We can still feel the shock, envy and even fear from all over the world when the first 20 fighters flew.

Remember that shortly after the first flight of the J-20, many people thought that the J-20 technology came from Russia. But Roman Gusarov, editor-in-chief of the Russian Airlines Network, said, "It's hard to say whether Chinese airplanes are superior or inferior to Russian and American airplanes. Even though Chinese aircraft may be inferior in some respects, it is certain that the J-20 must be a fifth generation fighter, not a "4+" or a "4+". China is independently developing the fifth generation fighter aircraft.


Now more and more examples are proving that J-20 is no less than the same fighters in the United States and Russia. In February 2018, the Chinese Air Force announced that the J-20 had begun to be equipped with Air Force combat forces, which also marked a significant improvement in the conventional deterrence and combat capabilities of the Air Force, and accelerated the transition to an air force with both offensive and defensive capabilities.

Now, eight years have passed since the first flight of the J-20. According to Chengfei's news in 2018, the fourth pulsating production line will be opened in the J-20 in 2019. At that time, the production of the J-20 will be rapidly increased, the speed of the air force's replacement will be further accelerated, and the Air Force of China is moving towards a stronger one. This is a big gift from the United States. Again, the F-35 is over.

As the first country in the world to develop stealth fighter planes, the U.S. F-22 production line was finally stopped because of the high cost of F-22 and its dominant air power in the world. As a result, when both China and Russia reported that they were also developing stealth fighter planes for the first flight, the United States found that it had made a huge mistake. In order to compensate for this, the F-35 project was born.


. As the biggest seller of Five Generations fighter aircraft, the F-35 buyers can be said to be all over the world. But interestingly, since the development of the F-35, it has been entangled with various problems. With Lockheed Martin's repeated statements, it was still kicked off by the UK and Australia for its stealth ability, which was extremely easy to fall off.

Recently, several former U.S. government officials said that Acting Secretary of Defense Patrick Shanahan criticized the F-35 fighter program very severely at a Pentagon meeting, and even blurted out, "The F-35 program is over, and if it is Boeing, it would be much better."

We know that the former US Secretary of Defense has made more comments on the F-35 and Loma has been emphasizing corrections. Now, after his resignation, the Acting Secretary of Defense of the United States has also severely criticized the F-35 fighter project. It can be seen that the F-35 project may really have a lot of problems. Some people said, "This is a big gift for the 8th anniversary of the first flight of the J-20." Now the development of the J-20 is getting better and better. Whether the F-35 is really a big problem or not, it will not have a great impact on the J-20, because we always aim at ourselves. (Zhizhong)