How does Bin Laden's son retaliate against the United States? New York panic, the U.S. military and police stand by

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How does Bin Laden's son retaliate against the United States? New York panic, the U.S. military and police stand by

2019-01-13 09:02:23 342 ℃
< p > Al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden, who has been killed by the United States, has many sons, several of whom are more famous. Boss Abdullah, a successful businessman, now lives in Saudi Arabia. The second son, Salad, was in Tunisia, North Africa, and Morocco, where he planned several operations before being killed in a 2009 U.S. drone attack.

Iman was detained by Iran when he fled Afghanistan after 90 years. After eight years, he escaped from the place of detention, entered the Saudi Embassy and finally returned to Saudi Arabia. Omar was a fashionable man and a businessman who broke away from his father-son relationship with Osama bin Laden very early. In the US military raid, bin Laden's two wives, six young children and four close relatives were arrested. Bin Laden and one of his adult sons, Harid, were killed. Now they continue to serve as the main leader of Al Qaeda. Hamza, bin Laden's third son, is also bin Laden's favorite son. Hazam was on the wanted list of international anti-terrorism organizations when he was 10 years old.

p> In the summer of 2018, Hamza married the daughter of Atta, the September 11 hijacker, and plotted revenge. Hazam, now deputy to al-Qaida leader Zawahri, has repeatedly declared a major attack on New York, Washington, London and Tel Aviv. Hamza, bin Laden's son, is 29 years old and runs well-trained terrorist organizations in Afghanistan. His whereabouts are mysterious and he doesn't show much. The information about Hamza was collected from bin Laden's hiding place when he was killed in 2011.

Hamza's speech also made the United States continue to strengthen its vigilance. After all, there are al Qaeda affiliates in Syria, Yemen, Afghanistan and North Africa. However, with the progress of the Saudi coalition's war in Yemen and the Syrian army's attack on the Nusra Front, Al-Qaida is continuing to decline.

There are reports that when the US began bombing Afghanistan in 2002, one wife and seven children of bin Laden were detained when they fled from Afghanistan to Iran, including Hamza, who has not seen bin Laden himself since he was 13 years old.

Iran released bin Laden's family in 2010. Hamza did not finally have time to go to Abbottabad and bin Laden in Pakistan. bin Laden himself was hunted and killed by US Seals in May 2011. American intelligence believes that Hamza hides in Afghanistan or North Africa, and Al-Qaida has lost many senior leaders under the US military attack. The reason why they are now moving out of Hamza as a call is to expose the embarrassing situation.