These Americans actually suggest: Trump, you are the most troublesome thing, find the Chinese people to solve immediately!

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These Americans actually suggest: Trump, you are the most troublesome thing, find the Chinese people to solve immediately!

2019-01-13 09:02:24 320 ℃


Trump's biggest headache now is what?

There is no doubt that it is to build a wall! No one.

On January 5, he also put a poster on Twitter to imitate the famous line "The Winter is Coming" in "The Wall is Coming". Attention please: top . Trump tops a Twitter, which is really rare.

On the poster, Trump's melancholy eyes are covered with a sharp fence, that is, the American-Mexican border wall designed by Trump.

Even in his words, this is a steel structure, not a wall. " They (Democrats) don't like concrete, so we give them steel ". For Trump, this is not a matter of changing names. Easy to handle!

Anyway, look at Trump's latest Twitter. Seventy-eight out of ten are about building walls. But he probably didn't realize that < strong > American cartoonists had been inspired to launch various fantastic cartoons, and to launch the idea of the Great Wall of China. Although Trump, he hasn't been to the Great Wall yet.

Trump is now very angry, not cartoons, but as the chief designer of wall repair, whether it is to repair concrete walls or to erect steel structures, he needs money. But Congress did not give it.

Anyway, Trump and Congress have been fighting for $5 billion in wall repairs recently, and the government has been closed for two weeks. Trump was so angry that he didn't go to Lake Manor for Christmas or New Year's holidays. He stayed in Washington and fought with you.

But in fact, the way of thinking has changed greatly. According to some American friends, aside from political factors, if Trump changed his mind and looked for Chinese construction workers, the problem might be solved immediately . Why do you say that?

Because recently, the Russian media have seen the derision of Trump: You call for the border wall on various occasions, and it's still a piece of white paper; look at Russia, in less than a year, the wall between Crimea and Ukraine has been erected. How much is it

? Three million dollars.

_The separation wall between Crimea and Ukraine (BBC)

does not know whether the price is true, but according to Russian media reports, it is still $3 million, and the 60-kilometer-long wall is about 2 meters high, equipped with monitoring equipment such as vibration sensors and night vision cameras.

"Russia Today" in an article entitled "Reception, Trump! Russia finished the separation wall between Crimea and Ukraine, joking that < strong > Russians are so competent, Trump is so helpless that some Americans have suggested that Trump should hand over the contract to Russia. The meaning of Russian media is also very clear:

1. You see, how efficient the Russian wall construction is. < p > < p > 2, you see, Trump, you are too expensive. < p > < p > 3, simply, Trump, subcontracted the contract to Russia.


Russians are watching jokes. But in fact, if it's really their turn to build a wall, many Americans are lamenting that it may not be a problem of 3 million people to hand it over to the Chinese people. It is estimated that it will be completed in one month. The reason for

is simple:

1. In terms of construction speed, is there anything more efficient in this world than in China?

2. On the cost of construction, is there a more competitive cost in the world than that in China?

3. On the construction of city walls, is there anyone in the world who is better at this job than the Chinese? In the era of < strong > globalization, all kinds of factors need to be allocated globally. If Americans subcontract projects to Chinese construction workers, the result will surely exceed Trump's expectations. Trump will give a thumbs-up.

See several American cartoons with the theme of the Great Wall of China. Trump stands on the Great Wall and laments: The Great Wall of China is really effective, so there are no Mexican immigrants in China.

American cartoonist, you don't have such a black Trump, but also implicate our Great Wall.

second , Trump seems to call the builder against the pattern of the Great Wall.

Two Mexicans, who appeared to be Mexicans, whispered: To reduce costs, he had to hand over the contract to Chinese builders...

Of course, even if Trump had the intention to subcontract to the Chinese, the Chinese would not necessarily receive it?

The third picture is only the Great Wall of China, there is no Trump. On the Great Wall in the cartoon,

it seems that a Chinese is sighing:

Hey, I hope Trump will build the Great Wall with good luck! Our Great Wall has been built for centuries. < p > < p > but < strong > is not very useful. The American cartoonist

is too advanced for you to talk about our Great Wall.

Please note that building walls without building walls is the internal affairs of the United States, and China has never interfered.

Of course, the cartoonist's perception is not necessarily unreasonable. In the cold war era, a wall may not be useful, let alone in the era of artificial intelligence and globalization, a cold fence (or the Great Wall, to say the least). What can we do? Don't forget the Chinese ancients'teachings:

< blockquote> < p> Thousand-mile family books are only for walls, so what's wrong with three feet?

The Great Wall still exists today, not the Qin Shihuang of that year!