First time! Philippine warships will go to China for ship reading

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First time! Philippine warships will go to China for ship reading

2019-01-22 17:28:32 210 ℃

Information map: Philippine Logistics Support Ship "Dagupan City". (Source: China Navy Network)

China South China Sea News Network, Jan. 22 According to World Daily of the Philippines, the Philippine Navy will send warships for the first time to participate in China-sponsored international ship reading.

Philippine Navy Commander Robert Empedrad said in an interview with the media on 21 th that China's International Ship Reading is scheduled to take place in April and that the Philippine side is planning to send a warship to participate in the event.

reported that would be the first time that Philippines sent warships to participate in the international ship-reading activities hosted by China. The ship-reading ceremony in 2019 is part of the celebration of the 70th anniversary of the founding of the Chinese navy. It is reported that the ship-reading ceremony will be held in Qingdao waters on April 23.

Robert Empedrad accompanied Philippine Defense Minister Lorenzana to visit the Chinese naval vessel Wuhu in Manila South Harbour on the 20th. The Wuhu warship is one of the three Chinese warships on a friendly visit to the Philippines. "Chinese warships come with friendship, and we should at least be hospitable," Lorenzana said. We should also send some warships to visit China this year. He stressed that the < strong > ship visit is one of the measures to build mutual trust between China and the Philippines.

The Chinese People's Liberation Army Navy missile frigate Handan and Wuhu ships, and the comprehensive supply ship Dongping Lake arrived at the South Port of Manila on the 17th, launching a five-day friendly visit to the Philippines. Reported that this is the second visit of the Chinese naval formation to the Philippines since Philippine President Dutter took office. On April 30, 2017, China dispatched missile destroyers Changchun Ship, missile frigate Jingzhou Ship and Replenishment ship Chaohu Ship to dock at the port of Davo, Duttert's hometown.

From October 22 to 28, 2018, the first ASEAN-China Joint Military Exercise - "Maritime Joint Exercise - 2018" was held between the Chinese Army and the 10 ASEAN armies in Zhanjiang and the East China Sea. At that time, the Philippine Navy dispatched the logistic support ship "Dagupan City" to participate. (Overseas Network-China South China Sea News Network Yao Ling)