We also have bunker destroyers: home-made superbombs on display, big killers in Russia and the United States stand aside.

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We also have bunker destroyers: home-made superbombs on display, big killers in Russia and the United States stand aside.

2019-01-22 17:28:32 218 ℃
< p > The American media once said that the conventional bomb next only to the atomic bomb is called the superbomb. Once the bomb explodes, it will destroy the ash of all the targets, and there will be no bones left. Although few countries in the world can develop such bombs, China, the United States and Russia are at the forefront of the world. In 2017, Trump ordered a KC130 transport plane to shoot a "mother of bombs" to destroy an extremely armed underground bunker, killing 36 terrorists on the spot and arousing public concern afterwards. People lamented the power of such bombs, because the explosion would produce high temperature and pressure, consume oxygen in the air and cause suffocation and death. Recently, foreign media reported that China has also developed such a killer to make the West stand out.

It is reported that Chinese military enterprises recently released a video of weapon testing, in which a 6K bomb was launched to bomb ground targets, forming a huge fireball and smoke. The video sparked speculation. According to a German media, this is the mother of China's imitation of the US bomb, enough to destroy the US defense. Others think it's a killer designed to destroy underground bunkers and hiding passages. So what kind of weapon is this?

In fact, this is a conventional weapon second only to nuclear weapons. Due to the limitations of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT), countries around the world are cautious in developing nuclear weapons, fearing scolding on their backs. In order to deter the other side, the world's big powers like the United States and Russia began to work hard on conventional weapons. In this context, a kind of conventional weapon named "cloud explosive bomb" appeared. The scientific name of this weapon is air bomb. As its name implies, it will produce the same effect as cloud and fog when bombing, which will cause suffocation and death of species in the explosion area. The thermobaric projectile developed on the basis of cloud explosive bomb is more powerful. It can instantaneously form high temperature, high pressure and shock wave at the moment of explosion, and rapidly consume oxygen to cause target death.

The "mother of bombs" and "father of bombs" developed by the United States and Russia are typical representatives of thermobaric bombs, both of which have been tested in the Middle East and have great lethality. However, in terms of the killing area, the "father of the bomb" can form 40 football field-sized areas, while the "mother of the bomb" can form 10 football field-sized areas, the former is four times the size of the latter. In terms of accuracy, the mother of the bomb has a higher hit rate than the father of the bomb. The mother of the bomb uses "inertial guidance and GPS guidance" and glides during the projection process. The father of the bomb has no guidance mode and relies on parachute to stabilize the warhead. Although they have their own advantages and disadvantages, they are very powerful, and they are indispensable killers for the army to fight.

The Chinese superbomb exposed nowadays can not determine the specific parameters, but from the test explosion effect, it is also a superbomb less powerful than the US and Russia, in order to deter some ulterior enemies. Of course, our country takes peace as its responsibility and will never use such killers casually. But in order to avoid threats from other countries, only by developing our own weapons and equipment can we have more voice in the international arena.