Taiwanese parliamentarians blurt out "Mainland aircraft carriers can be destroyed in a few seconds"

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Taiwanese parliamentarians blurt out "Mainland aircraft carriers can be destroyed in a few seconds"

2019-01-22 17:28:36 194 ℃
Taoyuan City Councillor Wang Haoyu praised Taiwan's military ranking as the 13th in the world, surpassing Germany and Israel and even "destroying Chinese aircraft carriers in just a few seconds", which immediately triggered a heated debate among netizens.

According to the report of Taiwan United News Network 21, Wang Haoyu wrote in Facebook on the 20th that Taiwan was often mistaken for being vulnerable because of its proximity to "China, a military power", but in fact it was not. According to Credit Suisse's latest comprehensive military strength index, Taiwan ranks 13th in the world, surpassing Israel, Germany, Canada and Australia. "As long as it can fill the shortage of submarines, it can even jump to the top 10 military powers in the world." He went on to say that the "National Army" had more than 7,700 missiles and that "the Xiongsan missile (missile) to the surface ship was the strongest anti-ship missile in the world, which could destroy the Chinese aircraft carrier in a few seconds". Wang Haoyu said that the overseas authoritative military magazines further analyzed that as soon as the PLA entered Taiwan's "airspace" and "territorial sea", it would be instantly annihilated; the mainland would "not only be difficult to cross the sea to occupy Taiwan, but also have dozens of times the sacrifices of Taiwan". Without the foreign aid of the United States and Japan, Taiwan could "even last for more than a year".

TVBS News Network noted that Wang Haoyu also wrote in Facebook that Taiwan had joined the U.S. -Japan-South Korea Alliance and was "classified into the U.S. Okinawa Defense Zone". The U.S. Army installed the most advanced long-range early warning radar in Asia in Hsinchu, Taiwan. If the radar base falls into the mainland inadvertently, the losses of the United States may be difficult to estimate. "Therefore, if China dares to use force against Taiwan, the United States will certainly fight." Go back, you must not doubt.

Wang Haoyu's argument has aroused heated controversy on the Internet. Some netizens expressed their approval, saying that "Taiwan's military personnel are not poor in quality", but more people criticized him for being arrogant. Some netizens said that as a member of Parliament to publish such nonsense posts is really drunk, "Do you understand military? Have you ever been to the mainland? It can be said that the mainland does not move an aircraft, seabed blockade, artillery completely covers Taiwan Island, no missiles at all, even though tens of millions of your missiles are in vain. Besides, Taiwan's missile launching point is under the control of the mainland, and it is covered by artillery before it starts. You also kill the aircraft carrier in a few seconds and laugh off your teeth. Another netizen said, "Speaking so much, Wang Haoyu, if you sign up for the army, you will only be seen through sooner or later with the wind." According to Joint News, Wang Haoyu cited the "military strength" in the Credit Suisse report of 2015, weighting only the number of servicemen, tanks, attack helicopters, aircraft carriers and submarines, without considering the actual training and quality of the army. (Lin Feng)

Responsible Editor: Zhang Qi