Has Guaido, a "separate centre", formed 10,000 troops? Don't be funny, it's in South America!

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Has Guaido, a "separate centre", formed 10,000 troops? Don't be funny, it's in South America!

2019-01-31 10:25:41 162 ℃
< p > According to some new domestic media reports, a Venezuelan army captain has joined Guaido and has formed a contingent of 10,000 people for the interim government.

img src="/1ydzximg/0LDIdu4GGM"/>Latin America is totally different from the Arab situation. Latin America itself is a place where pan-democracy prevails. Democracy is not so appealing. Maduro came to power through legitimate elections. Although Guaido accused the election of fraud, he did not say dictatorship. There is also a separation of powers at home. Otherwise, how can Guaido be the Speaker of Parliament? So the right and wrong of using dictatorship and democracy is that there is no market at all.

At present, the military is clearly supporting Maduro, but from the previous 20 soldiers, the officers stationed in the United States rebelled against the water, which shows that the army is not a piece of iron. It is also operable to strike a wedge into the army. However, it is also said that Guaido owes his IQ. Big Brother, you are rebellious. You should not reward the army's rebellion, make all kinds of official vows and buy it. Heart? But this product actually means that if you betray, you will be forgiven? What mistakes do people make that need your pardon? Today, you said pardon. What day do you want people to be angry and lend me a hand? You have acquiesced that I am guilty. Why should I fool with you? If we want to say what column we should set up, it's a bad move. Now the street riots, to put it plainly, are all hungry muddy legs. They really confront the professional army and collapse at the first touch.

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Some people may think that it is not difficult for the United States to form an army of tens of thousands behind Guaido. The United States is not a panacea. It is difficult for soldiers without military literacy to form an army. It is not easy to catch a few Venezuelans. If you can serve as a soldier, that is really a 10,000-person column formed in this way. It may not even be able to compete with a 1,000-person regular army.