This is not an exercise! The Italian carrier was wounded by multiple rockets and the attackers were allies of the United States.

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This is not an exercise! The Italian carrier was wounded by multiple rockets and the attackers were allies of the United States.

2019-01-31 10:25:49 1534 ℃
< p > Since the Anglo-Amazon War in 1982, no aircraft carrier in the world has been damaged by the attack of weapons and equipment from other countries for 37 years. However, this record has been broken recently. This is not a drill, and both sides of the incident are military allies of the United States...

January 27, according to the website of the Daily Primary Source of Israel, there was a "serious accident" between the Italian Navy and the Israeli Navy during the joint exercise. At that time, a suspected Israeli "Sal-5" light frigate suddenly fired multiple passive jamming rockets in the Italian port, and a large number of fragments from the air blast of rockets spilled on the Italian aircraft carrier very close to it.

There are two active carriers of the Italian Navy, namely "Garibaldi" and "Garfur", among which "Garfur" is the flagship of the Navy. The report did not mention which carrier was damaged, but if it was the Garfur, the Israeli disaster would not be small.

Although these explosive fragments did not cause casualties, they still "entered the carrier body". It is reported that the Israeli side's actions angered the Italian side, the joint exercise was interrupted immediately, and finally at the meeting of naval officials of the two countries, the two sides reached a settlement to continue the exercise. According to the IDF Navy, the Rockets were fired by "human error", the sailors involved were tried and imprisoned, and a number of senior and middle-ranking officers, including the captain, were severely punished.

Combined with reports and relevant information, we can extract some useful information. First of all, Israel's "Sal-5" light frigate uses MK36 12 rocket launcher, each "Sal-5" will be equipped with three MK36. The maximum number of MK36 launchers is 12, and the minimum number of launches is 4. If the minimum number of launches mode is adopted, a 12-unit launcher can project up to three jamming bombs. The report only mentions that the Israeli army fired "multiple jamming rockets", and now it seems that the number will not be less than four.

Secondly, this kind of jamming rocket is mainly used to deal with anti-ship missiles. The metal chaff sprayed by the rocket after its detonation has jamming effect on the built-in radar of the attacking anti-ship missile, but not "hard interception" in the form of collision killing. However, for the large warship's precise radar electronic system, the metal chaff which is as dense as rain after explosion will cause great damage to it. It is not known whether the Italian carrier in the port was on radar duty at the time of the accident. If the radar is turned on normally, the loss will not be small.

Thirdly, generally speaking, jamming Rockets need to be used in open water or at least at a certain distance from other ships in formation, so as to avoid accidental killing. It is unavoidable to cause damage to adjacent ships by misfiring rockets in the harbor where there are many warships. However, it is noteworthy that the hard killing effect of this air-blast rocket is not strong, but it still causes explosive fragments to enter the interior of the Italian aircraft carrier, which may indicate that the thickness of the steel plate of the Italian naval ship is insufficient, even the fragments of the rocket can penetrate it. In short, Italy and Israel are both military allies of the United States. The accident was also a flood that washed the Dragon King Temple. A friendly exercise was stirred up by such an unpleasant accident. This painful lesson will surely be remembered by the Israeli Navy forever.