Still blowing about the Israeli Air Force? Low-level mistakes lead to tragic consequences, the only treasure of the whole army.

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Still blowing about the Israeli Air Force? Low-level mistakes lead to tragic consequences, the only treasure of the whole army.

2019-02-09 09:17:38 180 ℃
Recently, according to media reports, the Israeli Air Force, which has always been praised as the "Middle East Sharp Knife", has made a tearful and laughable accident. p type="imagenote"> At the end of last month, an air tanker from the Israeli Air Force rushed out of the runway during ground test, causing serious damage to the belly. The KC-130H, purchased from the United States, is a cherished knot in the Israeli Air Force because it is one of the few air tankers in the army. According to preliminary analysis, the cause of the accident is that when the ground test of the new engine was carried out, the ground service set the wheel block improperly, resulting in the aircraft did not "honestly" stay in place, but rushed out of the runway. This also makes the Israeli Air Force temporarily unavailable KC-130H. < p > < p > Israel has a considerable air force, although its territory is small. In several regional wars, the Israeli Air Force has achieved amazing results with excellent tactical accomplishments and extraordinary courage. Especially in 1981, the successful attack of the Israeli Air Force on the Iraqi nuclear reactor made the Israeli Air Force a well-known air knife. However, the accident also exposed some of the problems of the Israeli Air Force: although the air force is very effective, it is by no means as godly as some people boast.

In this accident, a valuable tanker was seriously damaged simply because of improper operation of ground crew in wheel gear setting, which shows that there are some loopholes in the daily operation of ground crew of Israel Air Force. The role of wheel block is to restrict the aircraft forward sliding during ground test. If the wheel block is not properly set, when the engine thrust reaches a certain value, the wheel block will not be able to suppress the aircraft forward sliding trend, and the aircraft will suddenly slide forward and cause ground accidents. When the ground crew sets the wheel block, they should take full account of the weight, thrust and other factors of the aircraft, and set the wheel block firmly so as to avoid the aircraft from breaking away from the shackles.

However, the ground crew of the Israeli Air Force made a mistake in this seemingly simple operation and did not set up a good gear to cause the plane to slip out accidentally. In fact, in the field of civil aviation, there have been some accidents caused by inappropriate wheel gear setting. Therefore, the ground service wheel gear placement has been clearly stipulated in the air force operational norms of all countries in the world. As an old Middle East force, the Israeli Air Force should not make mistakes on this issue.

In addition, the damage of the only KC-30H in Israel caused by the accident is also very telling. The Air Force has hundreds of F-16, F-15 and other tactical aircraft, but the air tanker is seriously inadequate. In the war, if the enemy's attack results in the loss of tanker, the air refueling capability of the air force will be greatly reduced, which will seriously affect the air force's operational plan. Although Israel's Air Force has long been aware of this, its tanker fleet has been limited due to the inability of its aviation industry to manufacture large air tankers.

KC-130H lost in the accident is a tactical tanker manufactured in the United States, which can meet the existing air refueling mission. However, the only aircraft that Israel can fly is this one. It would have been a pleasure for the Air Force to replace the new engine, but it did not expect such consequences. For the air force of any country, rigorous and meticulous work style is indispensable.