In this battle, the division commander did not fight a company with ten times the strength! It directly resulted in the total annihilation of 50,000 troops.

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In this battle, the division commander did not fight a company with ten times the strength! It directly resulted in the total annihilation of 50,000 troops.

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The battle of Laiwu in 1947 began on the evening of February 20.

< p> Feb. 20 is the 30th day of the first lunar month. This war of breakthrough and anti-breakthrough started in Xiaowa village north of Laiwu city.

The one who guards Xiaowa Village is one column, one division, one regiment and one company. It is less than 1 kilometre from the north gate of Laiwu City. The Laiwu-Tu (Silk Pass) Highway passes through the central part of the village. This humble village, with only 10 families, has become the first pass to prevent the enemy troops from fleeing northward from Laiwu.

that night, one company was ordered to seize the small depression, defend the small depression, and seal the north gate of Laiwu. In the second half of the night, the whole company marched rapidly into Xiaowa village and found no enemy. Li Jinshan, the company commander, and Xu Feng, the instructor, screamed at the terrain.

Because this small village is small and concave, like a pot bottom, with enemy soldiers stationed on both sides of the hill, and firepower from all sides can hit the village. No wonder the enemy did not send troops.

The whole company immediately constructed defensive fortifications. The landlord of the company was an old man who had served as a soldier in the army of warlord Sun Chuanfang. He had some military common sense and said to Li Jinshan, "The small depression is not good, easy to attack and difficult to defend. You are not good at defending it." < p > < p > Li Jinshan answered, "You can rest assured! We are the Communist Party's team, and we should keep it if we are not able to defend it!" < / P > < p > The old man looked at them in astonishment and ran away overnight. After breakfast on the 21st, the enemy came out of the north gate of Laiwu. Dark, four-way columns pounced down the road towards the small depression.

Li Jinshan guarded the south front position of the village with a row of heavy machine guns and two battalion headquarters. Xu Feng, the instructor, guarded the western small Highlands with three rows and two rows of lowlands at the back of the village as reserve teams. At 10 o'clock, the enemy rushed into the village. When the distance was only 100 handfuls of meters, Li Jinshan ordered, "Fight!" The heavy and light firearms roared together, and immediately swept down a large area of the enemy soldiers who were in the front line. The other enemy soldiers retreated along the highway in panic.

Li Xianzhou, the General Commander of the enemy's former enemy, was stuck in Xiaowa village, unable to move forward and furious. He ordered 44 regiments of the fifteenth division, the main force of the 73 army, and his headquarters secret battalion, under the command of Yang Ming, the acting commander of the fifteenth division, to attack Xiaowa village.

Soon enemy howitzer sounded. The position was shrouded in smoke. Three platoons of long Miao Ming and Qing Dynasty have already laid out their troops. As soon as the enemy's gunfire stopped, three men in black clothes and pants came towards their positions, carrying the backpacks of the PLA.

Strange, what are they doing?

Nine Deputy classes in the frontier works are sharp-eyed and quick-mouthed, and they drink, "Stop, what's wrong?"

"Six columns, don't get me wrong! Contact you." The visitor came running over as he answered.

"Password!" Xu Feng inquired.

"..." The other party couldn't answer.

"Stop!" The deputy of Class Nine drank again.

< p> The three people completely ignored and rushed over.

"Plain-clothes Detective of the Enemy!" Xu Feng ordered, "Fire."

< p> < 9, with one arm raised, the grenade flew out, two of them were killed on the spot, one of them tried to escape with a wounded foot, was shot by a new soldier, and fell to the ground.

So the war began.

A large number of enemies charged the 1st company position under the cover of machine guns.

3 rows of long Mu Ming and Qing Dynasty shouted: "Fight hard!" A bullet came and was killed. Shi Baolin, the leader of Class 8, straightened up and swept away with a light machine gun. The enemy fell to the ground one after another, but he also became the target of the enemy's concentrated shooting. Soon, even people with guns fell down. When the machine gun stopped, the enemy soldiers howled and rushed back.

Just at this moment, two rows of reserve teams came up. The platoon leader, Wang Kaixuan, took up the machine gun of the 8 squad leaders and then started to fight, but only two shuttles were fired, and the machine gun stopped calling. Class 5 leader Qian Guang was a machine gun shooter. He took the machine gun and immediately fired again. He was fighting hard when a bullet hit him. Class 9 fighter Wang Jihua took the machine gun and continued to fight. He also fell. Class 5 fighter Ouyang Long ran up and grabbed the machine gun... The whole company has followed in succession, brave and fearless. In the fierce battle, Xu Feng, the instructor, was also injured and passed out in a coma. Document Tang Ke braved the enemy's intense firepower to carry him off the line of fire. Subsequently, company commander Li Jinshan was shot and killed. Next, Wang Kaixuan, the two platoon leaders, was seriously injured, leaving only one platoon of Wang Guodong in the company's cadres. The squad leader and the combat team leader also suffered more than half of the casualties. At the critical moment, Wang Guodong stood up and cried out:

"Listen to my command all the time! Hold on to Xiaowa resolutely! We will never lose a position in Hongyi company!"

Wang Guodong was injured four times before, which was a second-class disability, and twice this time. The second time was so badly injured that he had to hand over command to Li Jinguo, Deputy platoon leader of the machine gun platoon. As a result, the enemy was frightened and did not dare to launch a new attack. At 4 o'clock in the afternoon, the sun began to sink. Lu Xuelin, a correspondent from the battalion headquarters, crossed the enemy's fire blockade and came to the small depression to convey the commander's order: 1. The battalion successfully completed its task, evacuated the small depression and was guarded by other troops. < p > < p > 1 company of 140 people, only 36 people were left when the position was withdrawn.

Li Xianzhou was in Laiwu City. He learned that Yang Ming commanded a regiment and could not fight it. He asked, "How many people are there in the Communist Army?"

"Not a company."

Li Xianzhou became even more angry: "You can't beat a company commander ten times as many people as horses? I pulled you out!" As a result, Yang Ming's acting teacher was abolished. Because the army was stuck in a small depression and could not escape northward, it had to turn to the spinneret the next day and all fell into the "pockets" of the East China Field Army. In the next 63 hours in the district, 56,000 horses were wiped out. After the war,

, the headquarters of the East China Field Army highly appraised the small-wat guard warfare in succession, awarded the title of "First Company of People's Meritorious Officials" and presented a brocade banner, which read: "Qizhuangshan River".