Seven warships and 20 heavy bombers are camping in the western hemisphere, Zhaimei is in a hurry to wear soft clothes: Didn't you say fight?

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Seven warships and 20 heavy bombers are camping in the western hemisphere, Zhaimei is in a hurry to wear soft clothes: Didn't you say fight?

2019-02-09 09:17:42 889 ℃

Because the United States keeps making trouble, the Western Hemisphere is facing the biggest war test since the Cuban missile crisis of the last century! At present, not only Russia has greatly increased its military strength to the Western Hemisphere due to Venezuela's civil strife, but also Iran is ready to send its most advanced missile destroyers to the United States for missile drills. The fact is more and more clear that the main battlefield of the US-Russian game has gradually come to the door of the US military from Asia and Eastern Europe with the retreat of the US military. This unexpected situation even the unparalleled US military feel a slight chill.

According to the Russian Satellite News Agency, Washington, February 8, Admiral Craig Faller, commander of the US Southern Command, believed that Russia's military presence in Venezuela posed a considerable threat to the security of the Western Hemisphere. At the U.S. Senate hearing, he said that other countries, especially Russia and Iran, continue to expand their presence in the Western Hemisphere, which is most worrying. In particular, Russia's actions in Venezuela, Nicaragua and Cuba threaten the security and prosperity of the Western Hemisphere and increase the possibility of war on the United States homeland.

The US Admiral was angry that the US military had an inescapable responsibility for the security of the Western Hemisphere, but when the US military sent heavy strategic bombers with nuclear bombs to the region by Russia, the US tried to retreat and soften its military conflict with Russia, and severely accused the US authorities of who you want to be friends with. Who can we trust? As the China Guidance Treaty lost its role in containing war and the strategic platform provided by Venezuelan civil strife, the shrewd Russian army immediately found a breakthrough to break out of the encirclement of NATO's eastward expansion, and without scruple accelerated its military deployment in the western hemisphere.

According to the information of the General Staff of Russian Armed Forces, in order to restrict the deployment of medium-range nuclear missiles by the U.S. military in Russia's surrounding countries and break through the encirclement of the U.S. military's deliberate deployment, the Russian military should deploy medium-range nuclear missiles in the western hemisphere countries such as Cuba and Venezuela, which can cover almost all the important cities in the United States. It will also rebuild or expand several military bases in the aforementioned countries, and plan to send about 20 Tu-160 and Tu-95 long-range strategic bombers and seven warships of all types, including three attack-type nuclear submarines, to camp in the Western Hemisphere for a long time, so that the U.S. mainland will always be shrouded in the shadow of nuclear deterrence, and the aircraft carrier on which the U.S. army relies most will be destroyed before it sets out. Hit the ground!

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