An Airbus flew to South America, a large number of parcels were detained, the contents of which made the United States ashamed! __________

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An Airbus flew to South America, a large number of parcels were detained, the contents of which made the United States ashamed! __________

2019-02-09 09:17:42 516 ℃

Since the coup d'etat in Venezuela at the end of last month, the activities of Americans have been unfolding dramatically in front of all countries. Whether it was the first time to recognize Guaido's legitimacy or the fact that the National Security Assistant had presented the United States'preparatory disposal plan for Venezuela to the media, the direct recognition of that was a stand-by option for the use of force, the United States Government was well aware of what it was doing and had been working to eliminate the negative impact of Guaido. With the Guaido faction unable to control the internal situation of the Commission, the United States tried to "subvert" the Maduro government by supporting the "rebel forces". Recently, Venezuela's airport intercepted a batch of arms from the United States, which also made the United States feel disgraced.

Most of the materials seized were American weapons

According to Russian Satellite Agency on February 7, according to Edith Palesia, Deputy Minister of Venezuela's national security department, Venezuela's government recently confiscated weapons and equipment intended for terrorist organizations from the United States at airports in the northern part of the country. The weapons were allegedly found at a warehouse at Valencia International Airport in Caravaw. The Venezuelan National Guard and other powerful departments took part in the operation. The confiscated weapons were cargo from an airliner taking off from Miami on February 3. Allegedly, the operation "confiscated 19 rifles, 118 rifle ammunition kits, 3 sights, 90 radio antennas and 6 Apple phones." Palesia pointed out that all information and material evidence were transmitted to the General Prosecutor's Office for further investigation to find out who financed "terrorist organizations that attempt to undermine the peaceful life of the Venezuelan people".

is a commonly used means of subverting a government by subsidizing and training its own exiles to form a rebellion, but failed like the "pig Bay operation". Although the number of weapons intercepted is small, it is difficult to find out how many weapons the CIA has delivered to Venezuela in the "rat transport" mode so far. Although the United States has never ruled out a military option to support Juan Guaido in power, to be honest, the United States government has so far called for a peaceful transition of power in this Latin American country. "We support the Venezuelan people's lofty pursuit of freedom," the President of the United States reiterated in his State of the Union address released on Tuesday, fully supporting the Venezuelan opposition and the leaders of the National Assembly.

Although the opposition and even American officials urged Venezuelan officers and soldiers to "return", so far, the army has been mostly loyal to the democratically elected government. According to the Russian Satellite News Agency, Venezuelan Air Force said on its official Twitter account Tuesday that Venezuelan Air Force General Francisco Yanes, who had recently joined the Guaido camp, admitted that the opposition leader Guaido's act of being the interim president of the country was a betrayal. Despite Venezuela's seemingly troubled international scene, the Venezuelan army still says that despite such traitors, we will still have the upper hand. With the loyalty of the army, President Maduro has repeatedly stressed that Venezuela will defend its sovereignty at all costs.