Julang-3 can hit 160 targets! Why is the 096 nuclear submarine so strong? Overtaking at China's Forward Bend

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Julang-3 can hit 160 targets! Why is the 096 nuclear submarine so strong? Overtaking at China's Forward Bend

2019-02-09 09:17:46 1193 ℃
The most remarkable feature of

096 is the cancellation of turtle back

The United States has decided to build nearly 30 Virginia-class Block V nuclear submarines for intercepting Chinese nuclear submarines in the Pacific Ocean. What should China do in the face of this new situation? Judging from the models currently in service, the main force of China's strategic attack on the United States is Type 094A. Although the Type 094 nuclear submarine can only operate in China's offshore waters, the Julang-2 missile can only attack parts of the United States, which is relatively safe. But if we want to attack the Middle East region of the United States, we must venture through the first and second island chains and go out to the North Pacific Ocean. This will inevitably make 094A a threat to the superior anti-submarine forces of the United States and Japan for a long time, and cause great obstacles to China's nuclear deterrence.

096 will carry 16

in three years, China will put the 096 strategic nuclear submarine into active service, which will be equipped with Julang-3 missiles with a longer range, capable of attacking targets throughout the United States, wherever in the world. Unexpectedly, the Julang-3 missile will be tested within two years, while the 096 nuclear submarine will be on duty in 2021. Julang-3 submarine-launched strategic ballistic missile is the number one weapon of China's most pressing sea-based second nuclear counterattack strategy. The maximum range of Julang-3 submarine-launched strategic ballistic missile can easily exceed 12,000 kilometers, and it can also carry 10 multi-warheads. This means that even if the 096 nuclear submarine launches the giant wave-3 off the coast of China, all parts of North America and Europe will be included in the scope of nuclear strikes.

China's most advanced nuclear submarine technology is reflected in 096

From some speculative data of the 096 nuclear submarine, it should be closer to the U.S. Army "Ohio" class submarine, but the U.S. Army is preparing to build a more powerful "Columbia" class, so the gap between China and the U.S. strategic nuclear submarine does not seem to narrow significantly. However, for the U.S. military, the construction cost of each of the $5.2 billion "Colombian" class nuclear submarines still faces many difficulties. At the same time, the overall cost of each class of submarine is about $2.8 billion, so the actual cost of each submarine is $8 billion. But it's not said to be the final result. According to Pentagon officials in charge of the project, the estimated acquisition cost of 12 submarines is $96 billion, and the total cost of the project, including research and development funding, is about $128 billion.

Netizens envisaged 096 nuclear submarine is really very sci-fi

Analysis shows that due to the advanced comprehensive performance and the long-term technological advantages of the United States, China's developing 096 strategic nuclear submarine has a certain gap in overall performance with the "Ohio" level, not to mention the latest "Columbus". Biya class nuclear submarine. Therefore, although China has made considerable progress on the 096 nuclear submarine, it is still far from the strength of the United States. Therefore, if China's strategic nuclear submarine wants to catch up with the United States, it still has a long way to go, and it still needs to continue to overtake in the curve. If China wants to catch up with the U.S. military, it can only expect the 098 strategic nuclear submarine, which may be launched around 2026. We look forward to that!

(Military Review by Chen Guangwen in 2019.02.08)