Peace is priceless! Syrian students were shocked by Chinese New Year's Eve fireworks video: they thought they had been hit by air strikes again

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Peace is priceless! Syrian students were shocked by Chinese New Year's Eve fireworks video: they thought they had been hit by air strikes again

2019-02-09 09:17:46 759 ℃

I saw a message on the Internet recently that a Chinese working in the United States was playing fireworks videos to his colleagues around him in order to increase the festive atmosphere, but a colleague from Syria (known as "Yousef") was frightened and silly.

The original text is described as: feeling a slight tremor in his body, eyes suddenly become frightened and stunned.

He pointed to the screen of his mobile phone and asked me, where is this?

I said, this is China. Chinese celebrate the Spring Festival with fireworks. < p > < p > < p > Yusuf stared, swallowed and was still in panic.

He whispered to me: My God, is this China? I thought Damascus had been attacked by air again

Yusuf then told the Chinese colleague about his family's unfortunate experience: Yusuf's grandfather went to buy him a bag of dates, but it struck thunder and the flesh and blood was blurred in front of him less than fifty meters. My uncle was deaf because he was close to where the bomb exploded. Mother was blown up in the face by debris from the bomb and disfigured. My brother Aziz was killed by a dumb fire and a bomb that exploded next to him at a gas station. His mother cried bitterly, holding her brother, who had been blown in half. Father went angrily to find the American troops stationed in the area and was almost dragged to death. The family's misfortune caused his father to sell all his property in a cruel way, which led to his smuggling to the United States. < p > < p > Yousef suspected that he had PTSD. Now, as soon as he heard the crackling of gunfire, he would think of the unfortunate experiences of his relatives.

After reading this news, the author can not help sighing the preciousness of peace. Since 2011, the war in Syria has lasted seven years. In these seven years, Syria has become the stage of various forces, and the most serious crime is the Syrian people. According to conservative statistics, nearly 400,000 people died in artillery fire, countless wounded, and the scene of separation of bones and flesh from their homeland is constantly on show. The experience of the Yusuf family is just one of them, and more people can not escape like them.

For the beautiful and brilliant fireworks of the Chinese people, for the Syrian people, it is death and suffering

for peace, many of us feel very slight because we are born with it. In fact, it is not our privilege to be born in a peaceful age, but in a peaceful country.

The reason why the years are quiet is that there is a strong national defense ahead of the load. When we are enjoying the performances of the artists in front of the TV, please don't forget that there are people in the ditch waiting for you.

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