The truth of the matter comes out! How the Western Media Make Stories

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The truth of the matter comes out! How the Western Media Make Stories

2019-02-18 18:32:21 406 ℃

Last April, a video of a suspected chemical attack on Duma Town, East Guta District, Damascus, Syria, was circulated on the Internet. Video shows civilians suffering from suspicion of "chemical weapons attack", suffocation, mouth foam and other symptoms.

video screenshot

13 this month, BBC producer Liam Dalati wrote in social media that after nearly six months of investigation, he "fully confirmed" that the "chemical weapons attack" video in Duma town, Syria, in April 2018 was shot by a human director. BBC producer:

The hospital scene was filmed

Liam Dalati said that the scene after the so-called "chemical weapons attack" in Duma Town Hospital in Syria in 2018 was filmed. He confirmed that the video was directed by himself and that no one died in the hospital.

After the chemical weapons attack, Russian media reporters also visited the town of Duma, Syria, and interviewed a boy who was allegedly attacked by chemical weapons. Through interviews, Russian media further pointed out that the "white helmet" organization supported by Western countries, through fake poses, concocted the tragedy of the so-called "chemical weapons attack" on the town of Duma in Syria.

is the video that has been questioned, but it has become the biggest basis for the United States, Britain and France to carry out "precise attack" on Syrian military facilities. The Syrian government has pointed out that the unsupported "chemical weapons attack" is the "unconvincing excuse" for Western countries to take action.

narrative of "chemical weapons" farce reveals the truth and sees how the western media compose stories

shocking thing is that in the western mainstream media and even some politicians in Western countries, such storytelling and fabricating news for political and military purposes is not uncommon! Nothing is better known than the Iraq war of 2003. Without the authorization of the United Nations, the then U.S. government launched an armed invasion against a sovereign country on the basis of false evidence. The war killed more than 100,000 innocent Iraqi civilians and nearly 10,000 American soldiers. However, up to now, no American or British politician has taken any responsibility for his mistakes and lies. At that time, few mainstream American media acted as advocates of "Iraqi chemical weapons" and questioned the authenticity of the so-called evidence.

In the reports on China, the performance of the western mainstream media is equally bad. Not long ago, CNN reported on the "personal experience" of a Uygur woman named Mizhguri Tulson, arguably claiming that 68 people had been locked up in 37 square meters of space and that many people had died. Last year, Mizhguri "told" her so-called "experience" in the U.S. Congress as a witness. Although her testimony is false, it has become an important basis for Senator Rubio and others to propose and promote the so-called "Uygur Human Rights Policy Act". After Mizhguri was proved to be totally lying, CNN's reports about her were still posted on her website and constantly cited by other media. Recently, western media reported that Aiyiti, a well-known Uygur folk musician, died in prison the second year after serving his sentence. The Turkish government also criticized China for this. As a result, the latest video shows that Ai Yi Ti is not only alive, but also very healthy, and even he himself is perplexed by "being killed". In an interview with Chinese media, Turkish opposition party representative Adnan Afalat said that this is a lie made by Western intelligence agencies. The problem of Turkish media lies in following the Western media and losing its independence. The fact that

is the life of news media. If the director's story is regarded as news dissemination, what credibility is there? Western media are not unaware of this. But why did they make such serious mistakes and even become accomplices in conflicts, wars and murders? Are they acting out of ignorance, arrogance, knowingly or ideologically?

If we break through the "Emperor's New Clothes" of press freedom boasted by the western media, people can clearly see that some of the western mainstream media are part of the social elite, and their news values often reflect the world outlook of the western elite. Interventionism in practice is part of it. When reporting on the world, Western media people often subconsciously regard themselves as the makers and defenders of the world's human rights and freedoms standards. From time to time, they adopt a subordinate attitude, mostly referring to blame and preaching, with little regard and respect. For example, in China-related reports, some media have been clamoring for topics such as "China Threat Theory" and "China Collapse Theory". After crying out for so many years, people did not see China threatening anyone, nor did they see China collapse. Academic research has pointed out that even the private mainstream Western media are often conscious defenders of national interests in their foreign reports, intentionally or unconsciously putting the objective and fair principles of news reporting that should be upheld behind their heads. The so-called freedom of the press in the western media is actually a deliberate distortion, discredit and even slander of the freedom of the developing countries with prejudice and discrimination.

There was a media exposure of the lies spread by the Eleventh National Congress on the eve of the Iraq War. It was believed that "small things are honest, big things lie" has become a common trick of the Western powers. And the Western media are playing the role of pretending to be mad and foolish and acting for the tiger! In recent years, reports on the crises in Syria, Libya, Venezuela and Yemen are basically a virtue. Few of them questioned the rationality and correctness of their country's interference in the internal affairs of other countries, but cooperated with the government to concoct a reasonable field of public opinion, until they directed stories similar to Syria's "chemical weapons" attacks in vain, making excuses for the use of force. At present, the status quo of international communication is that the western mainstream media dominate, and their tendencies often influence the trend of international public opinion. Obviously, people are not optimistic if they want to get objective, fair and balanced information. No wonder Russian Defense Ministry spokesman Konashenko said in response to the BBC producer Liam Dalati's findings that Russia was "not surprised" by the incident. He said there must be many politicians in the United States and Europe trying to forget the missile strike against Syria on the grounds of "protecting the Syrian people from chemical weapons". Only in this way can they evade the criminal, political and moral responsibilities behind missile strikes. The BBC's top brass dismissed Dalati's claims as "personal opinions". Western mainstream media coverage of the results of the Dalati survey is basically nowhere to be found, they again chose collective silence. It seems that the western media have been used to playing the role of Pinocchio who cooperates with the government to lie. And see how they continue to make up stories.