Germany's sudden outburst of ruthlessness does not rule out the embarrassment of using nuclear weapons against Russia and the United States

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Germany's sudden outburst of ruthlessness does not rule out the embarrassment of using nuclear weapons against Russia and the United States

2019-02-18 18:32:23 399 ℃

Germany's last close connection with the sensitive topic of nuclear weapons was in 1944. On the morning of Feb. 20 that year, when a Nazi ferry carrying heavy water, the important material for nuclear weapons, arrived at Lake Jake, Norway, there was a dull explosion under the ship. Then the ship sank to the bottom of the lake, along with Hitler's wishful thinking of possessing the world's first atomic bomb, and the Allied forces totally destroyed it. The possibility of developing an atomic bomb in Germany. Recently, German Defense Minister Ursula von Delaine publicly declared that Germany had not ruled out the deployment of defense weapons in response to the threat of Russian nuclear missiles, which included nuclear weapons. According to the principle of nuclear non-proliferation and the order established after the war, Germany has not allowed the development of nuclear weapons. The U.S. deploys a large number of tactical nuclear weapons in Germany, and Ursula's remarks may want to give full play to the role of the U.S. nuclear umbrella.

And once the world reacts through nuclear weapons, the world will inevitably fall into a state of nuclear war, which is obviously not what Trump's government wants to see. The relationship between virtue and virtue has always been complex. As early as the end of May 2017, US President Trung published a general "Twitter" message that Germany had a huge trade deficit with the United States, but Germany spent very little on NATO and military expenditure, which was very unfavorable to the United States. Just two days ago, German Chancellor Angela Merkel said, "What has happened in recent days has made me feel that, in some ways, our era of interdependence is coming to an end. In the future, Europeans should take their destiny in their own hands." Before Trump took office, the relationship between the two countries was an extremely important part of Western society. First of all, Germany still wants the United States to provide it with a nuclear umbrella. Germany believes that the relationship between the two countries remains an indispensable factor in ensuring the peaceful development of the European region in the context of NATO strategic cooperation, which includes the strong military presence of the United States on the European continent. Germany needs the protection of the United States, because the stronger Russia is not far away. The United States also needs the support of Germany and other European countries in balancing Russia. It is difficult for the United States to achieve this goal through its own efforts.

Secondly, Germany is fully capable of serving as the "military adviser" of U.S. policy towards Russia. Compared with France, Britain and other European powers, Germany is the most suitable country for this role in terms of comprehensive national strength and geographic location.

Both countries have mutual needs in the process of economic development, and regard each other as a very important market for sales and investment. After World War II, the German economy leaped at an astonishing speed, which was unexpected to the United States. And Germany's economy is much larger than Britain's. The former market, which is full of huge potential and power, is seen by the United States as a window through which goods flow into Eastern Europe.

However, to this day, Merkel's attitude towards the United States is very complicated and she no longer tolerates Trump's accusations against Germany, especially when Trump met with Donald Tusk, President of the European Council, and Jean Juncker, President of the European Commission in Belgium, and said: "Germans are very bad, they sold millions of dollars in our country. A car is terrible. This made Merkel very disgusted.

Ursula's remarks fully reflect Germany's ambition to show off its influence from the United States, but the fact is that in the future, Germany will still have to rely on the nuclear umbrella provided by the United States. (sharp edge DARK)