Indian Army Talking about Air War: We also "shoot down" one F-16 from Pakistan in 8-24

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Indian Army Talking about Air War: We also "shoot down" one F-16 from Pakistan in 8-24

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Originally titled: Indian version of the detailed air combat process: 8 to 24 "shoot down" F-16, Moody's first statement

< section > < section > < section > < section > < section > < section > < section > < section > < section > < p > According to Indian media reports, at a joint press conference held on February 28 in the Indian Army, Navy and Air Force, Indian Air Force Deputy Commander RGK Kapoor said that during the Indian-Pakistani conflict friction, Indian Air Force A MiG-21 fighter was lost, while an F-16 fighter from the Pakistan Air Force was shot down in combat. At the evening news conference held by

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< p>, the Indian military first indicated that the Indian Air Force's cross-line air strike on 26 February was very successful and successfully destroyed the armed camp on the Pakistani side. In the face of a reporter's question about the number of casualties in Pakistan, he said: "It is too early to count the number of casualties in the camp. Whatever we intend to destroy, we have got the results." Major General Singh Mahal said that as long as Pakistan continued to take refuge, the Indian military would continue to target "terrorist" camps. Indian Navy General DS Gujral said: "We are ready to respond to any unfortunate events in Pakistan, and we are ready to take resolute action. We want to ensure the safety of our citizens."

Subsequently, the Indian military announced at the release meeting the experience of the Indian-Pakistani air battle on 27 February: the Pakistani Air Force launched 24 fighters to prepare to bomb targets on the side of the Indian Line of Control on 27 February, and then India launched 8 fighters to intercept them. Due to the excellent interception by the Indian Air Force, Pakistan's cross-line air strikes were unsuccessful, and no ground targets were destroyed by Pakistan on the Indian side. When the Indian Air Force pursued the F-16 crossing attack, a MiG-21 overflew the control line and was shot down by Pakistan. Before being shot down, the MiG-21 fired an R-73 process air-to-air missile and shot down a Pakistani Air Force F-16 fighter, which landed on the Pakistan side. India discovered the wreckage of the AIM-120C5 missile launched by the Pakistan Air Force on the Indian side of the Indian-Pakistani actual control line. This proves that Pakistan has sent F-16 to participate in the operation. At a subsequent press conference, the Indian side also displayed the wreckage of the captured missile. At the press conference,

a reporter asked about Pakistan's release of captured Indian Air Force Lieutenant Colonel Abinam de today, which was welcomed by RGK Kapoor, Deputy Commander of Indian Air Force. "The Indian Air Force is happy and looking forward to his return," he said. "We believe that this is a gesture consistent with the Geneva Conventions."

However, at the joint press conference, the spokesmen of the Indian navy, army and air forces did not mention launching an attack on Pakistan, only that they were still in a high state of readiness and that the Indian military would only respond when they were provoked.

In addition, as of 0:00 Beijing time on March 1, Indian officials did not make a statement on the peaceful gesture of the Prime Minister of Pakistan to release the captured pilots of India. In India, the announcement by the Pakistani Prime Minister was seen as a victory of diplomatic pressure in New Delhi, AFP quoted Indian commentators as saying it was "a concession by Islamabad under pressure". In fact, after the escalation of the Indian-Pakistani conflict, the Indian Foreign Ministry only made a request to the Pakistani side: "Immediately release the captured Indian pilots." Premier Modi made his first statement on the Indian-Pakistani situation after the escalation of the Indian-Pakistani conflict on February 28. On the same day, Moody delivered a speech at an election campaign held by the People's Party. Moody was tough. "Pakistan's approach is to split India," he said. The enemy tried to destabilize India. "All Indians should stand like walls and stones." "Today, the whole country is a whole, standing with our soldiers." However, he did not mention the captured Indian pilot.

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< section> < section> < section> < section> < section> < section> < strong > Air Force Marshal's son was captured and put to shame

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In fact, although the Indian Internet hot hype about captured pilots, the Indian official and official media rarely talk about captured pilots. Agence France-Presse said the videos were rarely shown on major Indian television stations, and the Times of India said in an interview that the newspaper "intentionally decided" not to use the images. Who is the captured Indian pilot? Why does India and Pakistan have such a strange and different reaction? According to the Times of India, the Indian military was reluctant to take a stand for the first time after Abinadan was captured. But many people have pointed out to the media that Abinadan is the son of retired Air Force Marshal Waltaman. Waltaman commanded the Indian Air Force to attack Pakistan during the "Kagir War" in 1999. In 2012, Waltaman retired. In 2017, he served as a technical director for the Bollywood film Breeze Breeze. Interestingly, the film tells the story of an Indian pilot who was captured by Pakistani prisoners how to recall his hometown lover and flee home.

Indian pilot Abinadan

British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) said that in the past few days, social media response has become an indicator of social mood change in India. After the attack on Indian troops in Kashmir, driven by various media, Indian society was full of war slogans and fanaticism of "giving Pakistan a lesson". Especially when the Indian Air Force launched an air attack on Pakistan, the war sentiment in society rose. However, after the news of the captured pilots was printed on the Internet, a campaign of "Say No to the War" sprang up on the Indian Internet. "We are on the verge of a war, and no one with a normal mind wants it to happen," Indian netizen Kabul said on Twitter. India and Pakistan should talk and demote the conflict. Anyone who doesn't think so should exchange places with Abinadan and his family." Reported that the pilots were captured in India's political atmosphere has changed. India's 21 opposition parties unanimously condemned the People's Party for politicizing the conflict between India and Pakistan in exchange for votes by "sacrificing soldiers". Bloomberg said Moody was facing fierce parliamentary elections and his re-election situation was more dangerous than a few months ago. Over the past year, India's economic growth has been weak and its employment situation is worrying. The capture of an Indian pilot apparently put him in even more trouble. Moody couldn't afford to look like a weak person.

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