There's no need to make a fuss when the Dragon shoots down MiG-21! Not peer-to-peer combat, not at one level

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There's no need to make a fuss when the Dragon shoots down MiG-21! Not peer-to-peer combat, not at one level

2019-03-01 15:46:59 564 ℃
Over the past few days,

the wreckage of MiG-21 crashed in Pakistan

, there has been an upsurge of hype on the Chinese Internet about the "dragon" fighter, which seems to have created a new myth: it shot down a MiG-21 fighter in India. Although this remains to be confirmed, many people have assumed that Chengfei's integrated stocks will soar, China will export a large number of such fighters, and some countries will be determined to purchase China's "dragon" fighters. The main reason for this is that many people believe that in the air battle between India and Pakistan, the "dragon" got rid of the tracing of the printer by maneuvering quickly. After launching the heavy-duty air superior Su-30MKI fighter in India, it did not suffer any battle damage. In addition, it shot down a MiG-21 in the first battle, showing a very good combat capability.

Pakistani Air Force equipped with a large number of JF-17 lightning fighters

In the Indian-Pakistani air battle on the night of 26 th, the Pakistani Air Force shot down a MiG-21 fighter, because the United States did not allow the Pakistani Army to use F-16 for attack operations, so this battle merit was recorded by Pakistani media and Chinese media as "Yaron" (Pakistani side). Called JF-17 "Lightning" on the nose of the fighter. As a result, China is boiling. Some claim that the "dragon" fighter plane will show its skills or complete the "first kill". Some predict that the "dragon" fighter plane will bring a large number of export orders after achieving good results this time. Some even say that the "dragon" fighter plane also shot down a Su-30MKI. Others predict that Chengfei's integrated stock will rise "for a while"...

Pakistani Air Force equipped with the latest F-16C/D fighter

Seeing this overwhelming tide, almost all of a sudden elevation of the "dragon" fighter to a mythical level caused some people's uneasiness. In fact, as a quasi-third generation aircraft developed by China on the basis of J-7 (the fourth generation in Russian sense), FC-1 "dragon" fighter may not reach the height of F-16C/D equipped by the Pakistani Army, even the early F-16A/B, and can not be compared with the Soviet-30MKI equipped by the Indian Army. Therefore, it is difficult for FC-1 "dragon" fighter to win the battle against the Soviet-30MKI under normal circumstances. Situation. The MiG-21, which was shot down by FC-1, is only a second-generation fighter. Is this victory based on generational difference really worth celebrating?

Su-30MKI is still in service, but the Indian army is still using MiG-21

at the same time, India has been equipped with MiG-21 fighters for at least 50 years, some of which are not only heavily aging, but also using airborne equipment and weapons more than 20-30 years ago. As an opponent, the FC-1 "dragon" fighter is equipped not only with China's most advanced avionics system, but also with the same advanced SD-10 air-to-air missile. In this case, the FC-1 "dragon" fighter shoots down a fighter of at least older generations. Is it necessary to carry songs and dances to cheer for victory? The key point to celebrate is that the Chinese fighter aircraft represented by FC-1 "Yinglong" has finally gained practical experience in a modern air combat, which at least proves the success of China's air combat platform and tactics.

Should take a calm look at the achievements of Yanlong in this battle

Analysis shows that, since it has not participated in foreign air warfare for more than 40 years (after the anti-American assistance to Vietnam), both the Chinese Air Force and Chinese-made fighter planes lack practical combat experience, which has become a shortage in the arms market, because many of them. Countries are more inclined to purchase weapons and equipment that have been tempered by war. Although this FC-1 "dragon" fighter shot down a MiG-21 for the first time, it is undoubtedly a reassuring pillar for those countries that are still hesitant to wait and see. Therefore, for the next export of FC-1 "dragon" fighter aircraft, may be very beneficial, but if too high, then in the future India-Pakistan confrontation may lose, the consequences may be difficult to accept...

(Military Review by Chen Guangwen, 2019.03.01)