Public Opinion War in Indo-Pakistani Conflict: The Pakistani Imprinting Party can't provide it because of its solid hammer

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Public Opinion War in Indo-Pakistani Conflict: The Pakistani Imprinting Party can't provide it because of its solid hammer

2019-03-01 15:47:02 681 ℃

Since the Indian-Pakistani conflict, the information released by the two sides has been poked. The conclusion drawn from the outside world is that the information of the Pakistani side is more reliable, and provides supporting information such as pictures and images. India's request for the release of the captured pilots has become a real hammer. On the contrary, in the early morning of February 26, the Indian Air Force passed over the bombs dropped by Pakistan-controlled Kashmir, claiming to have killed more than 300 people, but Pakistan said that no one was killed or injured. The Indian Air Force bombed only trees, and released pictures of craters bombed by the Indian Army.

If more than 300 people were killed, the Pakistani government could not hide such serious casualties. As long as a public took a video or picture and uploaded to the Internet, the Pakistani government would not fight its own face. As an individual, the Pakistani government was more inclined to say that the Air Force fighters took off and intercepted, and the Indian Air Force was thrown away in a hurry. It is credible to abandon the "external stores" and turn the nose to escape the scene.

As for India's claim that it shot down the F-16 fighter plane of the Pakistan Air Force, the Pakistani military immediately denied that the F-16 did not take off, so the information released by India is not true. Moreover, in the public opinion war between Indian and Pakistani people, the Pakistani people want to provide pictures or videos of shooting down F-16 fighter planes, and the Indian people are also frustrated because they can not provide them. Obviously, the information about shooting down F-16 fighter planes of the Pakistani Air Force is also considered unreliable by the outside world.

On the contrary, two Indian Air Force fighters were shot down by Pakistani Air Force fighters, one of them Mig-21 fell in Pakistan-controlled Kashmir and the other suspected Su-30 fell in India-controlled Kashmir. In addition, a Mi-17 helicopter of the Indian Air Force was shot down by a Pakistani Air Force fighter when it was rescued at the suspected Su-30 crash site, and none of the five crew members survived.

In this battle between the Indian and Pakistani air forces, the Pakistani Air Force gained an overwhelming advantage by shooting down two Indian Air Force fighter planes and one helicopter, capturing one Indian Air Force Lieutenant Colonel pilot of the Soviet-30 fighter plane, and losing five Indian military helicopter crew.

and in the public opinion war, the Pakistani military also tried to suppress the Indian military, because the Pakistani military has provided real pictures and image data to the outside world, but the Indian military has been unable to provide so-called shooting down the Pakistani Air Force F-16 fighter pictures and image data.

In the public opinion battle between the two countries, the Indian people suffered from depression, because they could not provide the so-called pictures or images of F-16 fighter planes shot down by the Pakistani Air Force, and were mocked by the Pakistani people for a while.

Therefore, the so-called news of the Indian Air Force shooting down the F-16 fighter plane of the Pakistani army should be false information, and the information released by the Pakistani army to the outside world is basically reliable.