Super Beautiful Eye Russian Navy's New Ocean Black Hole Launched in Long Legs to Encourage

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Super Beautiful Eye Russian Navy's New Ocean Black Hole Launched in Long Legs to Encourage

2019-04-01 11:24:51 1773 ℃

Russian beauty is a frequent visitor to the launching ceremony of ships

On March 28, a new Kilo class conventional submarine was launched in the submarine workshop of the Naval Shipyard of St. Petersburg, Russia, which was named "Kamchatka-Peter Pavlovsk". This is the first of six new generation 636.3 conventional submarines built by the Russian Navy for the Pacific Fleet, the latest improvement of the famous 636 Kilo class submarine. The launching ceremony was solemn and solemn. The shipyard invited a female drum band composed of beautiful women to perform live, and a priest to "open up" the new submarine. The ceremony was grand and warm, attracting many people to watch. Does the figure of

match the submarine? According to Russian tradition, when serving a new submarine, there are usually two essential highlights: one is that the priest lights the new submarine and smashes champagne at the head of the ship, the other is inviting a beautiful drum band to cheer up. For the former, it is almost the tradition of Western and European religions, which need not be repeated here. For the latter, it is particularly noticeable, because young Russian beautiful women are outstanding in appearance, usually before marriage are the best, so the emergence of this drum band composed of beautiful women, often become the highlight of the launching ceremony and attract attention. The stern close-up of the submarine

636.6 shows its mass

while the 636.3 submarine "Kamchatka-Peter Pavlovsk" launched this time belongs to the multi-purpose diesel electric submarine, also known as the "Warsaw Woman" class, which was built for the Russian Navy Pacific Fleet. The boat has a length of 73.8 meters, a width of 9.9 meters, a draft depth of 6.2 meters, a submergence depth of 300 meters, a maximum underwater speed of 20 knots, a maximum drainage of 3950 tons, and a manned personnel of 52 persons. It can launch a high-precision "caliber-NK" cruise missile with the capability of long-range striking enemy inland targets. In addition, the new generation of 636.3 submarines inherited the nickname of "Kilo" class "Ocean Black Hole".

Beautiful legs of beautiful women are indeed eye-catching

In the Russian navy, the 636 Kilo class submarine belongs to the third generation conventional submarine, which was originally replaced by the 677 "Lada" class, but since the first submarine of the latter, "St. Petersburg" was delivered in 2004, many technical problems have been exposed, and it has not been obtained for a long time. To solve this problem, its construction has not continued. However, the Russian Navy chose the improved 636 submarine, the 636.3 submarine. This type of submarine has been improved in comprehensive stealth, sonar detection and automatic control, and its technical data has been greatly improved compared with model 636, so it has a strong anti-submarine and anti-surface warship combat capability.

636.3 submarines can launch submarine-launched cruise missiles

Analysis shows that for young Russian women, the figure of a girl is generally symmetrical and beautiful, especially in the eyes of many men. So, when the new Russian warships were launched, almost a tradition had been formed. Drum bands composed of beautiful women were required to play for fun. The new 636.3 submarine is also a special object in the eyes of the Russian navy, so that the two special objects reflect each other, naturally becoming the highlight of the Russian naval ship launching site. Today, in the Russian navy, the Black Sea Fleet has basically received six 636.3 submarines, and now it begins to receive the Pacific Fleet. It is expected that after all six new submarines are in service, the Russian Navy's ability to deal with U.S. and Japanese submarines will be greatly improved.

(Military Review Chen Guangwen, written in April 2019)