Global Times: Mainland military aircraft flying over the "Taihai Midline"? Hope is true

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Global Times: Mainland military aircraft flying over the "Taihai Midline"? Hope is true

2019-04-01 11:24:51 1220 ℃

Original Title: Editorial Review: Mainland Military Aircraft Flying Over the "Taihai Midline"? Hope it's true

Taihai has big news on Sunday. Taiwan's "Ministry of National Defense" released a press release that evening, saying that two PLA fighter jets flew over the middle line of the Strait around 11 a.m. Sunday. The press release also angrily expressed "solemn protest" and condemned this "provocative act" by the Chinese Communist Army, saying that it has seriously impacted regional security and stability and jeopardized the peace and well-being shared by all parties in the region. Earlier Sunday, Taiwan's media quoted so-called "authoritative figures" as saying that four mainland fighter planes crossed the Strait's midline to take "direct provocative actions" against Taiwan on the same day. The Taiwanese army dispatched a number of military aircraft to intercept. Taiwanese media said that in the past, the mainland military aircraft rarely crossed the middle line of the Straits. In order to avoid bad weather or too much movement, they scraped into the eastern airspace of the middle line, but quickly returned to the mainland side west of the middle line.

But Taiwan's "authoritative personage" revealed that the PLA fighter fighter jet J-11 carried out "extreme provocative action" against Taiwan at noon today, first approaching the "Taiwanese Sea Central Line" back and forth, and later crossing the "Taiwanese Sea Central Line", flying over the airspace east of the middle line for more than ten minutes, indicating that it was a "planned provocative action", and not an occasional act. It is well known that the so-called midline of the Strait is only a psychological line, which has never been recognized by the mainland. In the past, both sides have formed a tacit understanding, but if this tacit understanding is part of the current situation of the Taiwan Strait, the prerequisite for maintaining it is that the political basis of cross-strait relations remain unchanged, and that Taiwan does not have contacts and interactions with external forces beyond its previous level.

It is not known whether the news announced by Taiwan is true or not, nor what the depth and purpose of the Chinese mainland military aircraft flying over the middle line of the Strait are. The mainland government and the military did not respond to Taiwan's news until Sunday night, so whether the mainland military aircraft accidentally crossed the central line or intentionally did it, as the Taiwan side said, has no authoritative information from Beijing.

But we would like to say that what Taiwan's Ministry of Defense and the media have said is true. Moreover, we tend to think that the PLA's actions are a serious warning to the Taiwan authorities and a clear response to the frequent actions taken by the US side in the direction of the Taiwan Strait recently.

Since the adoption of the Taiwan Travel Act by the United States, the interaction between the United States and Taiwan has been increasing in the form of sausage cutting. In particular, US warships have crossed the Taiwan Strait three times this year. Last week, in addition to destroyers, a cruiser from the Marine Police Force passed at the same time, constantly putting pressure on the mainland. It is impossible for the mainland not to react. Washington overestimated the deterrent of its military power to the mainland.

The Taiwan authorities have increased radical adjustments since this year. As Taiwan's new elections are approaching, Cai Ying-wen and other leading figures of the Democratic Progressive Party are racing against the mainland in an attempt to attract votes in an extreme way that provokes tension across the Straits. Their arrogance also needs to be cracked down by the mainland. Would continental warplanes just accidentally cross the midline of the Strait, or would it become a normal situation? We believe that it will depend on the future performance of Taiwan and the United States. If the provocations of the Taiwan authorities and the United States intensify, the mainland Navy and air force will probably completely ignore the so-called midline and regard the entire Taiwan Strait as the area of action of the PLA. Moreover, according to the changes in the situation, it is not excluded that the PLA will take further actions.

If the United States and Taiwan act arbitrarily, the PLA may also put the airspace on the island of Taiwan into the scope of cruise, declare the sovereignty of the country over Taiwan in a more direct way, in order to offset the further propaganda and connivance of "Taiwan independence" by the United States and Taiwan authorities. Should the tension in the Taiwan Strait continue to rise, the ball is at the foot of the United States and Taiwan?

Both the United States and Taiwan should have a clear understanding that the ultimate dominance of the Taiwan Strait issue is already on the mainland side of China, not only in the hands of the United States military, but also in the hands of the Democratic Progressive Party and its authorities, which are good at campaign games. The mainland side has always pursued the policy of peaceful reunification across the Straits, and therefore has exercised relative military restraint. However, the mainland has a major role in responding to all kinds of political and military provocations, and Mei Taixiu has to force the mainland to play them one by one.

Mainland military aircraft flying over the "Taihai Midline" (if it happens) is only a slight movement. We hope that tensions in the Taiwan Strait will not spiral up and that the theme of peaceful development will continue to play across the Straits. But it does not depend on our side. Mei Tai needs to really understand "leisure point". <<<





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