Taiwan Media: Four J-11 fighters from the mainland confronted Taiwan fighters for 10 minutes

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Taiwan Media: Four J-11 fighters from the mainland confronted Taiwan fighters for 10 minutes

2019-04-01 11:24:51 609 ℃

The original title: Taiwan media explosion: 10 minutes of air-sea confrontation between military aircraft on both sides of the Taiwan Strait

on the evening of March 31, the Green Media "Free Times" suddenly issued an "exclusive" report on the most striking location of the website: "Four continental military aircraft are now crossing the middle line of the Taiwan Strait to provoke our military aircraft to intercept in an emergency lift-up". The report quoted "authoritative personages" as saying that "the mainland military dispatched four J-11 fighter planes today to launch extremely provocative actions against Taiwan at noon today, first approaching the Taiwanese mid-sea line, then crossing the mid-line and flying into our airspace east of the mid-line for more than 10 minutes, which shows that this is already the case." The planned provocative action is by no means an accidental act."

The report borrowed the interpretation of "authoritative personages" to show that the incident was unusual: "In the past, the mainland military aircraft rarely crossed the Strait Central Line, mostly patrolling or drilling in the airspace west of the Strait Central Line. In the past, there were continental military aircraft in order to avoid bad weather or move too much, occasionally rubbing into the airspace east of the Central Line, but they all returned very quickly. To the west of the middle line."

On the evening of 31st, ID: huanqiu-com did not find any information about the so-called four J-11 in Taiwan media on the website of the Ministry of Defense. With the intensification of the election atmosphere in the island, some people in the Green Camp consciously spread and hyped the "continental threat", especially deliberately exaggerating the actions of the continental army.

Source of J11 Photos: Microblog@Air Force Published

Free Times quoted Taiwan's anonymous "military officers" that evening as saying, "For this provocative act of the mainland military aircraft, we have the whole process of grasping and responding. When the co-aircraft approaches the middle line, we have intercepted and warned the airplane to cross the border. When entering the airspace east of the midline, we also urgently sent additional military aircraft to intercept the air defense missile positions and stand by.

For Freedom Times citing reports from unknown sources throughout, Dong Niang, a netizen, left a message on the website: "Authoritative personage? Military officials? Who is this unnamed fake news for? My relatives'four-year-old authority just announced that the two sides of the Strait were at war." Less than an hour after

, Lianhe Bao also made a similar report on its website, entitled "Ten Minutes of Confrontation between Mainland Air Force Fighters 11 Flying Over the Central Line of the Taiwan Strait and Our Airplanes", which reported that there was a tense situation over the Taiwan Strait this morning: four Mainland Air Force Fighters 11 flew over the Central Line of the Strait in the southwest of Penghu and confronted with the Taiwan Airplanes for up to 1 minute. For 0 minutes. According to the report,

, the source pointed out that the incident took place near noon, when two batches and four fighters flew to the sea area of "Taiwan Beach" southwest of Penghu Islands, overtaking the midline, causing an urgent takeoff of Taiwan fighter planes. However, the mainland military aircraft did not immediately return to the west, but stayed in the eastern airspace of the midline for 10 minutes. During the process, no other unfriendly actions took place between the two sides.

The report also said that "military generals" revealed that in the past week or two, the activities of military aircraft in front of the mainland in the Strait were rather intensive, and there was no way to confirm the motive, possibly due to the recent passage of US ships through the Taiwan Strait.

Green Media on the island called Wang Chunxiong, spokesman of Air Force Command and Director of Political Warfare, on the same day to verify. Wang stressed that this is the "national security level, which should be explained by the Ministry of Defense". He also claimed that as long as any military aircraft or unknown aircraft entered the "air identification area", the Taiwan Air Force would send corresponding forces to monitor and intercept. This response led to the dissatisfaction of the green media and the "failure of the spokesman mechanism of the Ministry of Defense" of the shelling platform.

"They are all Chinese territory, where is the middle line of shit?" A netizen left a message on the website of Lianhe Daily on March 31. Some netizens called for "next friendly flight over Taipei". Some people predicted that "some people will not see the coffin without tears, and this will be normal in the future, and then... Others mocked Taiwan's "Ministry of Defense" and said, "The Ministry of Defense is in control anyway." Another netizen responded, "Control the plane to enter the middle line of the Strait for 10 minutes."

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The last time the PLA aircraft crossed the "midline of the Strait" was reported on the media in May of last year. On the eve of May 20 last year, Taiwan's Zhongshi E-Newspaper reported that a suspected PLA Transport 8 aircraft was flying along the "Strait Central Line" at 10 a.m. on May 17. Yu Haowei, a flight instructor of the Front Desk Army, told Taiwan media at the time that Yun 8 was first found in the "Strait Center Line" on the 14th, when it was on mission, some tracks crossed the "Strait Center Line", and the same track on the 17th also crossed the "Strait Center Line", indicating that the Taiwan Air Force failed to force the return of Yun 8 immediately on both occasions.

For the PLA Air Force training and military aircraft flying around the island, the National Taiwan Office has said that the message conveyed is very clear and clear. It is a strong warning against the separatist forces and their activities of "Taiwan Independence", which demonstrates our determination and ability to safeguard national sovereignty and territorial integrity. We have firm will, full confidence and sufficient capacity to safeguard national sovereignty and territorial integrity and curb any form of "Taiwan independence" separatist activities. There is no way out for "Taiwan independence". <


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