NATO military aircraft "simulated attack" Russia, but the Russian army had planned to wait for this day.

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NATO military aircraft "simulated attack" Russia, but the Russian army had planned to wait for this day.

2019-04-01 11:25:08 519 ℃

Wen/Coca-Cola and Albatross

When the U.S. B-52H strategic bomber was deployed to Britain on the first day, a new "provocative road" to Russia began. The purpose of the Americans is also obvious, not only to let Russia feel the pressure from all sides of the air defense, but also to let allies in Europe accompany them out to practice courage. < p > < p > < strong > and recently, Russia finally fought back!

On March 29, NATO fleet led by U.S. B-52H bomber carried out another "simulated attack" on Russia, and when it was ready to return, it was not easy. Two Russian Tu-160 strategic supersonic bombers approached the rear of the fleet, along with several MiG-31 interceptors. Who can withstand this battle? B-52 rushed back, the Americans kept running, the Russian army kept chasing. In the end, the Russian fleet did not count until it reached the "nest" of the B-52H in Britain.

The following story is even more exciting. According to information published on the website of the British Ministry of Defense, the Royal Air Force Quick Response Guard (QRA) suddenly entered a state of high alert on March 29, local time, and made the unit take off in an emergency on-duty Typhoon (Eurofighter Typhoon) fighter. To intercept two "air targets approaching British airspace". These two radar signals, which make the RAF so nervous, are precisely Russia's "treasure of the town" - Tu-160 "Pirate Flag" strategic bomber (_)!

It is reported that the Typhoon fighter responsible for intercepting the Russian bomber formation took off from Los Simmons Air Force Base, accompanied by another Royal Air Force A330 MRTT multi-mission air refueling aircraft (reported by the media as the British Government's special aircraft-Voyager). Before the British Ministry of Defense protested against the incident, the Russian Ministry of Defense took the lead in publishing the news that the Russian strategic bomber formation "visited" NATO airspace. The Ministry of Defense of Russia also indicated that all the flight activities of the Russian Aerospace Force were carried out in legitimate public airspace, and there was no problem of violation of the law. It is disturbing to say that the United States and Britain are harassed by a large number of fighter planes, but the Russian counterattack is "organized and disciplined". The first move is a cruel move. It not only makes the opponent busy, but also occupies the commanding heights in the international public opinion. More interestingly, Russia has not forgotten to give the visited NATO countries a round of whipping corpses. Russia says it was accompanied by the Danish Air Force's F16 fighter and the Royal Air Force's Typhoon fighter when the fighter formation of fighter fighter fighter fighter fighter fighter fighter fighter fighter fighter fighter fighter fighter fighter fighter Fig In other words, the Russian side does not regard these fighters as a threat at all, but only "routinely" escort accompanying flights. As for whether Britain can win the "lean and dead camel is bigger than Martha" Russia, it is estimated that all people have points in mind.

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