When I heard about the seizure of a Chinese bicycle, the US military base immediately blew up the pot and sent out all the planes to take over.

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When I heard about the seizure of a Chinese bicycle, the US military base immediately blew up the pot and sent out all the planes to take over.

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In the anti-Japanese drama "Never Enduring Fan", released in 2011, the Japanese army captured a marching pot of the Eighth Route Army during the sweep, which was the only harvest of the sweep. Officer Temple Yong reported to the head of the division Yamashita, but unexpectedly led to a major adjustment in the deployment of the Japanese Army in North China. Originally, in the Japanese code book, the marching pot represents the head of the division.

In the second concentration, the Third Regiment of the Eighth Military Road adopted the method of reducing stoves to confuse the enemy and withdraw from the battle on its own initiative. Yong in the temple didn't catch anything except a cooking pot. Unfortunately, he had to report to the division truthfully: "The main force of the Eighth Route Army has been defeated and a pot of marching pot has been captured." Assistant Officer

: What does a pot report when the head is broken? Team Leader: Will it matter if we use the secret language? Check it out! Communicator: The marching pot in the password book represents officers above the division level of the Eighth Route Army! __________ Upon hearing the news, the head of the division and regiment, Fengwu, was very excited. We should know that the Eighth Route Army had only three divisions in total. Cadres above the division level could count both hands and be caught by him. It was a great success in the whole war zone.

For orders repeatedly confirmed by superiors, Temple belly defamation

for orders repeatedly confirmed by superiors, Temple belly defamation

he immediately ordered: "Require confirmation of the identity of marching pot." Inside the temple: "It's a marching pot." Yamashita: "Please confirm again whether it is a real marching pot." Inside the temple: "It's a real marching pot." Yamashita: "Order the whole army to change its original deployment..."

The head of the Yamashita Division rushed to the temple. He will soon be famous for his perseverance at Yamashita

which makes Yamashita defamatory: Is it necessary to repeatedly confirm the graduated bureaucrats of Lu Da? When the mountain rushed to see the dark marching pot in front of me, I almost did not faint with anger.

But he saw only a black pot


Some people say that the brain hole is too big to come up with such a flattering plot. In fact, this has something to do in history. During the Vietnam War, the US Special Forces SOG received intelligence, and the Vietnamese army opened a passage along the Vietnam-Cambodia border to transport personnel and materials. SOG immediately dispatched a special operations team to the area by helicopter to conduct a secret investigation.

Special Operations Team conducted a secret search in the area for several days and found no traces of any large-scale operations. They determined that the information might be false. Just as he was preparing to withdraw, a North Vietnamese soldier came by on his bicycle. Sergeant Gretel, the commander of the special operations team, saw the briefcase on his back and assumed that there might be important documents in it. He decisively shot the North Vietnamese soldier and took the briefcase into his hands.

SOG Special Forces in Vietnam War

Grethel immediately sent a telegram to SOG requesting the withdrawal of the mission, and reported that "one person was killed, one package of documents and one bicycle was seized." He didn't know the password of the bicycle, but wrote it in plain text. The SOG messenger who received the telegram had his eyes shining because the password book read: Bicycle = General!

Correspondents immediately reported the telegram to SOG Saigon Branch Commander Sinlob. Simlob also said he couldn't believe it. He immediately telegraphed Gretel, "Please make sure you have captured the North Vietnamese bicycle." Gretel was a little confused. He went back to his bicycle and looked at it carefully. He called back: "I'm not sure it's from North Vietnam. It seems more like China."

They often went deep into the enemy's rear to carry out some special tasks

Under this situation, SOG Saigon Branch immediately exploded the pot. China sent more than 300,000 anti-aircraft artillery, railway, engineering and logistics troops to participate in the anti-American and Vietnam assistance. Although they have not yet confronted the US army in the battlefield, the US army has always known their existence. This time, not only confirmed the existence of the Chinese army, but also captured a "Chinese general." How excited Sinlob was is imaginable. < p > < p > Simlob immediately announced that after Chinese generals were captured, they would try their best to rescue them. There would be a fierce battle at the withdrawal site of the action team, dispatching all helicopters and gunboats, and requesting the air force to send fighter planes to support them. At the same time, he telegraphed Gretel: We will give you our full support. Please make sure that the bicycle is in good condition and that it can only be put on the first helicopter.

In order to meet the "General of China", SOG dispatched all helicopters

Major Russell's Parental Response Team and set out in a fog after Grethel received the telegram. When they arrived at the evacuation site, they found that it was quiet and there was no sign of fierce fighting. When the helicopter landed, he was chilled when he saw Grethel pushing a bicycle down, but he was still lucky to ask: Where is the bicycle?

Gretel patted the bicycle cushion and said discontentedly, "Right in front of you!"