The US military deduces the battlefield of Taiwan in the Third World War? Netizen: Isn't that a table game?

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The US military deduces the battlefield of Taiwan in the Third World War? Netizen: Isn't that a table game?

2019-04-25 21:30:14 861 ℃

The island's green media Freedom Times reported on a sand table demonstration at the US Military Academy on the 24th, referring to the statement that "Taiwan's battlefield fought like this in the Third World War". But some netizens found that the props used in the demonstration were table games. Others criticized that the demonstration was pure imagination and could not be taken seriously. "There are no winners in the war."

This report was published in the Freedom Times on April 24, entitled: "The US Marine Corps University pushed the battlefield of Taiwan in the Third World War..."

The origin of this event is the "Third World War Simulated Soldier Deduction" (Sand Table Deduction) held by the Marine Corps War College of the United States Marine Corps University on the 22nd. According to the Freedom Times, the main battlefields of the deduction are Europe, the Korean Peninsula and Taiwan, while the "enemy" of the United States in the deduction is a coalition of China, Russia and North Korea. When referring to the so-called "war situation" in Taiwan, it was reported that the "Taiwan Army" would have "support" from the US Air Force, the US Navy and the Japanese Self-Defense Forces, and even pretended to use the following description: the Taiwan Army "needed to fight the landed Liberation Army alone on the ground"; Japan "feared that Taiwan would fall into China".

Why do green matchmaker look? Because shortly after the publication of this report, a sharp-eyed Taiwanese netizen found that the sand table deduction props appearing in the accompanying picture of the report were actually a table game. "That's a table game."

click on the link provided by this netizen, and the ring does find a desktop page with the name "Next War: Taiwan". This is a desk game with the background of "war in Taiwan". The manufacturer is "GMT Games"

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Is this "Third World War" deduction really like what netizens said it was done by desk games? The Freedom Times report has given the Ring Verification Method: The article mentions that the information and photos of the exercise were from a US foreign policy website called War on the Rocks

Ring Search for the original report of "War on the Rock", and found that this is how it introduced the so-called "Sand Table Push". The performance process: 6 groups of students participated, 5 in each group, three groups played the "Red Team" and the other three groups played the "Blue Team"...

As for the props used in the deduction, the article even annotates its name: "The next war of GMT" series.

The article also links to the name of the table games. After clicking on the page of the manufacturer "GMT", the table games listed in it also include "Next War: Taiwan".

Originally, the sand table deduction, which was used by green media to link "World War III" with "Taiwan Battlefield", was really made by American students with table games.


However, when it was found that the deduction was made by students in the school, many netizens questioned the deduction. Some people think that this is just a school curriculum, others say that this setting is not realistic, "the results and process are not important at all, because it is not the U. S. Department of Defense push".

more netizens criticized that this deduction is pure imagination, if it is really sick.

After six groups of American students played their roles in table games, the result of this sand table deduction was that the United States won the Third World War. According to the Freedom Times, 150,000 soldiers were lost in the war between the U.S. Army and the Allied Forces in Poland, the Korean Peninsula and Taiwan, which was "equivalent to the depletion of troops in the First World War".

However, for this kind of report that the students'"Red and Blue Team" play activities are used to advocate "war", the intra-island netizens criticized in the Freedom Times article that the war has no winner.

More people sneer at the so-called "Taiwan Battlefield": Fortunately, I don't need to be cannon fodder.

Others say that the idea of "150,000 people" killed in battle is to seek funds from the U.S. government.

Source: Global Network/Fu Guohao