China's new warships appeared on Parade at sea and foreign media marveled at the speed of Chinese shipbuilding

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China's new warships appeared on Parade at sea and foreign media marveled at the speed of Chinese shipbuilding

2019-04-25 21:30:18 1409 ℃

< strong > Reference News Network reported on April 25 American business insider website published a report entitled "China showcases new destroyers in large-scale demonstration of naval strength" on April 23. At the celebration of the 70th anniversary of the founding of the Chinese People's Liberation Army Navy on April 23, China demonstrated a new naval weapon, the first of a new generation of main destroyers. During the military parade in Qingdao at sea,

, the "Nanchang" (No. 101) 055 stealth missile destroyer with more than 10,000 tons of drainage moved to the scene.

reports that the ship is equipped with 112 units vertical launching system (VLS), capable of launching "Haihongqi"-9 long-range ship-to-air missiles, "Hawk-18" anti-ship cruise missiles and "Long Sword"-10 land-attack cruise missiles. The main gun is a 130mm H/PJ-38 naval gun. But there are reports that the destroyer may eventually be equipped with an electromagnetic orbital gun. The ship uses X-band and S-band active phased array radar to enable it to track flying objects or ships of various sizes.

Technically, the destroyer is large enough to be classified as a cruiser, and its payload capacity (carrying capacity) lags behind that of the U.S. Navy's Ticonderoga class cruiser, but surpasses that of the Ali Berk class destroyer, which has only 96 units of vertical launching system. It is said that the main competitor of the "Nanchang" destroyer is the Jumwalt class stealth destroyer, which still faces various development problems.

Foreign media believe that the public appearance of the destroyer on April 23 shows that the destroyer is ready for battle.

The Chinese Navy 055 missile destroyer "Nanchang" participated in the Marine Parade on April 23 (Reuters)

Information Photo: Two large Chinese destroyers launched simultaneously. (Pictures from the Internet)

Reported that the remaining 055 destroyers are also under construction. The second 055 destroyer was launched in April 2018 and the other two in July that year. Like the Nanchang, these destroyers are expected to eventually become fully armed frigates for China's emerging carrier fleet. A total of 32 warships and 39 fighter planes participated in China's maritime parade. Among the other ships reviewed, one is an improved version of China's advanced (094) ballistic missile nuclear submarine. China has also demonstrated a new conventional submarine.

The modernization of the Chinese navy has attracted close attention from Washington. The U.S. Army, Navy and Marine Corps are paying more and more attention to the anti-ship weapons needed to counter the Chinese fleet, which are necessary as China strengthens its military strength.

According to a report on the website of Russian Satellite News Agency on April 22, the implementation of strategic deterrence and ensuring China's global interests are becoming new tasks, which increasingly determine the face of the Chinese Navy today.

Information Picture: Participate in the naval strategic nuclear submarine on April 23. (Xinhua Perspective)

Russian media speculate that the completion of the test of the already started Julang-3 submarine-launched ballistic missile will lead to the service of a large number of more powerful new nuclear submarines and further consolidate China's third position in submarine field after the United States and Russia. It can be expected that China will rise to the second place in the world in the future, next only to the United States, the large-scale expansion of Bohai Shipyard, which built China's nuclear submarines in recent years, can illustrate the existence of such a plan.

reports that China is still lagging behind Russia and the United States in terms of the concealment (quietness) of nuclear submarines for the time being. But there is no doubt that when the main resources are used to solve this problem, sooner or later results will be achieved. The most impressive thing about

is the development speed of China's surface fleet. The latest photos from Shanghai Jiangnan Shipyard show that at least 15 large destroyers of type 052D and 055 are in different stages of construction. Similar fleet growth rates are now hard to reach even in the United States. Russian media pointed out that China is building modern and powerful warships equipped with multi-functional active phased array radar, multi-functional vertical launcher and multi-functional weapon fire control system. They carry powerful air defense systems and cruise missiles. Since the beginning of the 21st century, China's fleet has accumulated rich experience in long-distance voyage, and has a large number of large, fast and integrated supply ships that can support the navy's global operations. The further increase in the number of Chinese aircraft carriers, the construction of the first multi-purpose landing ship and the upgrading of the Marine Corps will enable the Chinese army to appear anywhere in the world and carry out effective military operations, as well as protect China's interests and strategic maritime transport.

Despite China's great success in developing naval weapons, Russia still maintains certain advantages in the production of certain types of Naval Weapons and equipment, such as anti-ship missiles, air defense systems and submarines, and actively cooperates with China in the development of the navy. Such cooperation is in the common interest and will continue in the future.