Millions of netizens signed up for "Courage" Area 51, US Air Force issued a warning

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Millions of netizens signed up for "Courage" Area 51, US Air Force issued a warning

2019-08-07 00:33:44 1012 ℃

[Global Times Comprehensive Report] US Air Force spokesman Laura McAndrus issued a warning to the Facebook user of the social networking site on the 12th: "The '51 District' is the training ground of the US Air Force, we will prevent anyone from trying to enter US military training area. The US Air Force is always ready to defend the United States and its assets."

According to CNN, on the 14th, more than 1 million people worldwide have signed up for "Facebook". Called "Courageous 51 District", they can't stop all of us." The plan is to go to Nevada to search for aliens on September 20.

U.S. Department of Defense’s former UFO investigator Nick Pope said in an interview with the British Metro newspaper: “Illegal invasion of military bases is a federal crime, and offenders will face imprisonment. Risks such as fines. The warning signs in '51 District' even indicate that the guards have been authorized to use lethal force. Generally, guards have the right to shoot only in special circumstances, such as they think they are in imminent danger, but who Know what happens if the situation goes out of control? If a large group of people rush to a guard and an idiot tries to grab his gun, shooting is a foreseeable result."

reported that mysterious "Section 51" has been the focus of conspiracy theories for decades, and many believe that there is a place where the US government stores secrets about aliens and UFOs. (候涛)