India’s bonfire looted and bombarded the Chinese aid construction project? Strong attitude refused to mediate, Pakistani railway suffered heavy losses

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India’s bonfire looted and bombarded the Chinese aid construction project? Strong attitude refused to mediate, Pakistani railway suffered heavy losses

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According to India's ANI news agency reported that on July 30, the Indian military claimed that the Indian army and the Pakistani army exchanged fire in Kashmir, causing an Indian soldier and two Pakistani soldiers to die in battle! A spokesperson for the Indian Ministry of National Defense said: "The Pakistani army opened fire in violation of the ceasefire agreement between India and Pakistan in various locations in Suin Derbani, Tangle and Kran in Kashmir. The Indian army responded to Pakistani actions and caused both India and Pakistan. There were casualties."

(50 Chinese engineers were immediately escorted by the Pakistani army to evacuate the Nirum-Jerum Dam, and the Chinese invested 1.008 billion in this project. The US dollar, while Pakistan allocated about $500 million for the project )

The Pakistani side denied this accusation against India. Pakistani officials claimed that within 24 hours the Indian army shelled civilians in Pakistan-controlled Kashmir. The Pakistani health department said that in one day, the intentional shelling of the Indian border guards has caused 40 deaths and injuries in Pakistan! It should be emphasized that the Indian army even used the Nyrum-Jerum Dam (hydropower station) built by China and Pakistan as the target of the shelling, and the Pakistani soldiers guarding the hydropower station were also injured in the attack!

According to an interview with a reporter in the Kashmirabad County of Kashmir, Pakistan, seven shells fired by the Indian Army against the Nirum-Jerum Dam (hydropower station) fell into the dam. Area! A mortar shell of the Indian army hit the dam of the Nirum-Jerum dam, and the front edge of the flood channel of the Nirum-Jerum Dam was hit. In addition, the 5 shots of the Indian army into the dam area caused a certain degree of landslide. Fortunately, the construction of the Nirum-Jerum dam was not serious. However, a Pakistani soldier who carried out the Nasuri Bridge defense mission around the Nyrum-Jerum Dam was seriously injured by the shrapnel. The Pakistani army is doing its best to rescue him. The Nirum-Jerum Dam is known as the Pakistani version of the Three Gorges Project and was built by the Gezhouba Group of China. Its underground engineering is known as the number one in Asia.It is said that this project has witnessed the friendship between China and Pakistan.

( Pakistan and India have repeatedly exchanged fire, and India even used heavy weapon rockets to bombard Pakistan )

Indian border guards artillery group on Pakistani Kashmiri region The undeclared battle in the Ram Valley caused at least 2 local civilians to die and 26 injured! On July 31, even on the last day of the month, Pakistan still exchanged fire with the Indian border guards in the Niram Valley. Of course, the Pakistani forces attach great importance to the safety of the Chinese engineers who maintain the Nirum-Jerum Dam. About 50 Chinese engineers were immediately escorted by the Pakistani army to evacuate the war zone.

On August 2, the Russian satellite news agency quoted India Today as saying that India added another 28,000 to the region after sending 10,000 troops to Kashmir last week. Central reserve police force. India sent a total of nearly 40,000 military police officers to the Indian-controlled Kashmir region during the week, while an Indian military officer who did not want to be named said the move was to prevent new protests in the region.

A police officer from the India-controlled Kashmir Police Station said that India would strengthen its presence in the valley and there was intelligence that there might be violent attacks in the area. The Indian media said that the Indian Prime Minister’s national security adviser Doval suggested that he would get a promise after sending more troops to Kashmir. Nearly 40,000 military police entered the area and caused psychological panic among local people.

( Pakistan Air Force crashes heavily, causing secondary casualties )

Last two days of last month, Pakistan Air Force 1 At least 18 people, including Pakistani pilots, were killed in the fall of the aircraft to the residential area, and more than 10 people were injured. A police station in Quetta, the administrative center of Balochistan, Pakistan, suffered a bomb attack that killed at least 34 people (two police officers)! The Indian army launched a shelling at this time and previously supported the terrorist attacks in Balochistan, Pakistan, which proved that the Indian army’s attack and large-scale increase in troops were long-planned. According to the latest news, the Indian Foreign Minister refused all mediation from the outside world, even if the US Foreign Minister Trump’s Indian Foreign Minister did not give face. Pakistan originally planned to wait for the completion of the Nirum-Jerum Dam to 30 millionThe people have brought a lot of power, and it seems necessary to send heavy troops to increase their defense level to prevent Indian sneak attacks. Any comments, welcome to leave a comment below! Concerned about the WeChat public number: the history of war, many experts will continue to interpret for you in the public number. Independent professional, there are kinds of materials, please use WeChat to search the public number: war history, watch the full insider interpretation of the political and military history of all war history.