Does the United States want to deploy missiles to its neighbors in China? Putin first started to be strong, it really is not a light hand

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Does the United States want to deploy missiles to its neighbors in China? Putin first started to be strong, it really is not a light hand

2019-08-07 00:33:44 1192 ℃

"If you get reliable information on missile development and production in the United States, then Russia will follow!"

Three days after the United States announced its withdrawal from the "Guide to the Treaty," Russian President Putin finally spoke.

On August 2nd, the "Guide to the Central Treaty" officially lapsed. On the day after the withdrawal, the United States immediately exposed its strategic intentions. US Defense Secretary Esper said that he supports the deployment of land-based medium-range missiles in Asia as soon as possible. Which countries are these missiles deployed to?

Governor Chang'an Street noted that following Australia's rejection of the US proposal, the Russian media said that "may be deployed to Japan sooner or later," the Russian Foreign Ministry warned that Moscow will pay attention to this matter. On the day of the US withdrawal, Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev boarded the South Kuril Islands and released an important signal.

Russian President Vladimir Putin

at the Russian Federal Security Conference on the 5th, Putin delivered a speech on the official withdrawal of the United States from the "Guide to the Central Treaty." Putin said that the withdrawal of the United States from the "Guidelines on the Guided Treaty" may trigger a new arms race, and the consequences should be fully borne by the US.

Putin instructed the Ministry of National Defense, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Foreign Intelligence Agency to closely observe the future actions of the United States to develop, manufacture and produce medium- and medium- and short-range missiles. If it is determined that the United States has completed research and development and began to produce medium- and medium-range missiles, Russia will be forced to begin comprehensive research and development of similar missiles.

Putin shot, it really won't be taken lightly! "Putin promised to take a tit-for-tat response to the US deployment of new missiles." Russia's "Viewpoint" reported on the 5th.

If the United States does not act on its own, how will Russia confront each other? According to the announcement issued by the Kremlin Information Bureau, this will be forced to use Russian existing equipment for reliable boycotts, such as the space-based "Х-101" and "flying knife" missiles, the sea-based "caliber" missile, and There are "zircon" hypersonic cruise missiles.

It can be said that Russia has prepared a missile "package" waiting to respond to the United States. However, Putin also said that Russia has not given up its unilateral obligations, and Russia will not deploy land-based medium- and medium- and short-range missiles in areas where the United States does not deploy missiles.

Of course, this is not Putin’s verbal intimidation against the United States. Putin particularly stressed that Russia believes that it must beNegotiations on ensuring strategic stability and security are delayed. "Be prepared for this!"

The US's wayward "refundation" will further complicate the situation in Europe and the Indo-Pacific region. On the day of the withdrawal, US defense officials revealed that the Pentagon is ready to test a new type of cruise. missile. Esper’s latest statement also shows that the United States is accelerating the deployment of land-based medium-range missiles in the Asian region.

How long does it take for US mid-range missile development? Where will these missiles be deployed?

According to the Guardian, the United States is currently developing at least three medium-range missiles, all of which are designed for conventional warheads.

The first, a land-based version of the Tomahawk cruise missile, is said to have a range of 1,000 kilometers and is scheduled to be tested later this month and may be deployed within 18 months.

Tomahawk missile

The second is a medium-range ballistic missile, scheduled to be tested in November, with a range of up to 4,000 kilometers, requiring at least five years to develop.

Third, the US Army plans to develop a new type of missile that can be mounted on a mobile launcher, either a ballistic weapon or a hypersonic glider.

If it is really proposed by Esper, the whole of Asia will be shrouded in the threat of nuclear weapons.

However, whether American allies are willing or not is worth watching. Australian Defense Minister Reynolds revealed on the 5th that he has rejected the US proposal to deploy land-based missiles in northern Australia.

On the same day, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Ryabkov said that the MK-41 launch system, which may be deployed to Japan sooner or later, can also be used to launch medium-range cruise missiles. "That is why once such systems are When deployed to Japan, we will take this issue seriously."

Medvedev "inspects" Japanese and Russian disputed islands

In fact, for this possibility, Russia has Give a warning. On the 2nd, Medvedev boarded the South Kuril Islands. Medvedev’s forefoot has not gone far, and the Russian government has issued a circular to the Japanese government. Russia will conduct a six-day shooting training in the largest and closest island in the South Kuril Islands from August 5th to 10th. To retaliate against Japan’s previous protest against Medvedev.

thisIn addition, the New York Times believes that Japan may hesitate to deploy medium-range missiles in Asia. Prime Minister Shinzo Abe will have to consider the impact of deploying missiles on Sino-Japanese relations. Recently, Sino-Japanese relations have improved.

The Governor noted that if the Trump administration believed that the withdrawal of the treaty could deploy missiles around to achieve the purpose of restricting Russia, it did look at Russia.

Putin has already started to be strong!

Recently, Russia's S-400 air defense missile system arrived in Turkey, marking the completion of a major geopolitical turn in Turkey. It also means that Putin, which has been under strong strategic pressure, has finally torn inside NATO. Cracked.

The United States made a push, and the order to sanction Russia immediately followed. At the same time, since April, NATO has held a number of large-scale maritime multi-country joint military exercises such as "Sea Shield-2019", "Baltic Action-2019" and "Sea Breeze-2019" in the direction of the Black Sea, the Arctic and the Baltic Sea, from three directions. We have imposed strong military pressure on Russia and tried to drag it into the predicament of multi-line operations.

Russia's S-400 air defense missile system

For a time, Russia seems to have no cards, but Putin will originally deliver S-400, which is expected to be delivered in March 2020. The air defense missile system was advanced to early July this year, and it is expected to use Turkey to break the half moon-shaped encirclement of NATO in the direction of the Black Sea. In this way, the S-400 air defense missile system, which was originally expected to be delivered in March 2020, was advanced to early July this year.

With the landing of the S-400 in Turkey, the ball has been kicked to the side of NATO and the United States, and there will be more anxiety and negative emotions within the NATO. The relationship between the United States and the United States will change greatly in the future. I want to use the withdrawal to contain Russia and even stir the world, or to digest the cracks inside NATO.