China 59 tanks came at the end of the air move? The king is helpless when the Marines

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China 59 tanks came at the end of the air move? The king is helpless when the Marines

2016-07-21 21:43:03 674 ℃

In addition to the invention of the wheel, the greatest invention is the invention of the track. Track at the beginning of the invention has been described as "never broken road", in the mud, soft terrain, wheeled vehicle can not move when, crawler help tank fleet, but reality than the inventors thought to complex, even in heavy armor, artillery, Malaysia force engine to the king of the land battles have sprawled helpless flower falls to.

Israeli forces all the year round in the Gobi desert zone of operations, according to the truth should be very familiar with the local terrain, but the frustration of tank driver in the narrow field of vision, coupled with a lot of local sand zone desert bluff and Merkava 4 tank weighs 65 tons of body, once sinking into hard extricate oneself.

This car is estimated to be 3 the more tragic, excessive speed, direct plunge into the bunker to extricate themselves. In the war years and the Arab Israel deeply weapons made good, excellent soldiers but not want how much, so MEKA Vago A attaches great importance to the protection and urban warfare capability, Merkava tank was born, reached the 63 tons, equipped with 105mm rifled gun, Mercat 2 W based added 60 mm mortars, Merkava 3 facelift 1300 horsepower engine and use the 120 mm smoothbore gun, weight increased to 65 tons.

In order to save this car bold Merkava 3 tanks, the Israeli army spent four armored bulldozers tandem together force together, next to the excavator will bunker reconstruction of a gentle slope of the Merkava can smooth out the pit.

Similarly, M1A2 Abrams main battle tank also to 63 tons weight was ranked the world's top heavy tank, the latest model of the M1A2 SEP is close to 70 tons, even installed on the track and a gas turbine engine, still avoid mashiqianti tragedy.

In Iraq the Tigris River Basin and the soft sand by water immersion becomes very easy to collapse, above the m1a1 tank estimation is not expected to this, more than 60 tons of weight on the edge of the land-based makes the tank slid into the river, so tank although super maneuverability, but also is not what the road can go.

To sum up, the tank to play the advantage of mobility, the route choice is very important, above the German Leopard 1 tanks is obviously too confident that it can be spared.

Of course, there is a situation, for example, when the army of the people's Liberation Army combat exercise, deliberately turn 59, and then train the armored force of the battlefield rescue and strain capacity.

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