Japan's Softbank acquired ARM! After reading this I broke the phone!

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Japan's Softbank acquired ARM! After reading this I broke the phone!

2016-07-21 00:10:15 677 ℃

Less impulse

A little bit more common sense

Recently, there is a very big news, it is estimated that most of the friends will not be particularly concerned about the...

It is Japan's Softbank to 24 billion 300 million pounds, the acquisition of British company ARM.

Softbank 24 billion 300 million pounds acquisition of ARM company

Again into the official website of the time there is a small episode, very interesting.

They will ask, you do not agree with the acquisition (as expected)...

However, you agree that you can directly enter the official website, but, if you do not agree, will jump to another interface, and show the following paragraph...

You don't agree or use it, and you can't get into the official website...

Well, back to the topic, read almost before the evaluation of the friend should have the impression, Softbank, a few days ago just sold Alibaba and supercell shares.

Supercell is now a popular tour "the Royal war" and "tribal conflicts, alibaba will not say more, if you now has his shares will you sell it.

However, these two Softbank resolutely sell money machine shares, but the acquisition of ARM company...

Maybe a lot of people have heard its name, but most people don't know what it is...

Said, this company also has some sources with apple...

At the end of 80s, apple in order to develop the world's first handheld computer Newton Apple, you want to look for a single processor can customize the company.

Newton Apple

Subsequently, the apple phase firm acron new arm processor 1, but it was not long before, because the firm acron financial situation, the arm 1 independent and apple spent $15 million to purchase the arm 43% of the shares

Of course, the last apple itself is not good, and finally to $800 million of these shares sold out...

See friends here, you may find that this is not just a company to do the processor, and now the computer processor has Intel, the phone has Qualcomm, where he has anything.

Well, it was not a processor manufacturers, but the intellectual property (IP) suppliers.

The main means of profit is to sell the ARM architecture processor design, the form of intellectual property rights to customers, that is to say, ARM is designed to teach others how to design the processor...

A variety of design architecture ARM

That ARM is now in the end to authorize the company to use their processor design...

Apple, Qualcomm (Qualcomm), Fujitsu, Intel, IBM, Infineon Technologies, Nintendo, NXP semiconductors (in 2006 from Philips independent), Oki Electric industry, Samsung, sharp, STMicroelectronics, Texas Instruments, LG, cable Nepal, Philips, MediaTek and so on.

(here the poor gentleman is also listed companies all the more for having heard it many times)

Look at this list, you may still have no feeling, is not these big companies to buy the design of his home...

Then come to understand that the use of ARM architecture design of the market share of the processor.

ARM market share in the field of processors

From top to bottom, respectively:

Mobile computing area (including mobile phones)

Storage area (for a cloud storage chip)

Wearable devices (including smart watches)

Network infrastructure (for base stations, gateways, switches, program control machines, etc.)

Embedded intelligent core (factory control of large-scale equipment, microwave ovens, refrigerators, cars, etc.)

More specific words, ARM architecture has been integrated into the daily equipment....

UAV, smart city, wearable devices, TV, smart phones / tablet PCs, smart cars, smart home

Oh, yes, and your router is included...

After reading is not very surprised...

So, now a cell phone or tablet is made, the basic process is like this.

ARM Qualcomm, MediaTek, apple Samsung iOS, Android two platform all mobile phone, tablet computer

The hands of the hands of the 6S iPhone processor, designed by ARM custom...

Is such a company does not have a factory, firmly occupy the product supply chain of the upstream, and now falls to the hands of Japan's Softbank.

, of course, Masayoshi son, Softbank group chairman of the board of directors of vision not only to see the he in the profitability of the electronics industry, the acquisition of arm is his own strategic deployment.

Recently, the son in an interview said that now Softbank is to usher in the transformation, and has been emphasized a called the concept of Softbank 2.0.

Masayoshi Son

This concept is also simple, mainly on the two aspects: the Internet of things (IOT) and artificial intelligence.

After watching the above ARM in various fields of ability, you can find ARM is the best choice to open up the Internet of things business.

And artificial intelligence equipment, need is light, fast, and low power consumption, ARM architecture design not only to meet these points at the same time and his intellectual property rights has been very cheap.

Sun Zhengyi and robot Pepper

With the arm in consumer electronics and networking aspects of strength, and the major vendors of his dependence, 243 billion pounds can develop processor technology specification of the future of the global consumer electronics market, this money really do too much of the value.

And, just as the UK off Europe, the pound exchange rate down, the yen exchange rate rose, so a toss, the acquisition cost of living reduced by 20%.. This time is not always there.

So, why do you have the potential of the company, ARM company will choose to sell it...

Mother egg, because of poor ah... If it was Qian Shu, who would sell it!

As a monopoly level reached in the field of mobile low power arm is considered very conscientious and licensing fees are very low, but shareholders are not happy ah, give you so much money, you will earn this, this year which have dinner on feelings.

Arm of the company founder Hermann Hauser said, Softbank acquired is the sorrow of the British science and technology industry, but in the son with shining white money thrown at the board member's face, he couldn't stand them to impulse to sell the company.

ARM founder Hermann Hauser

(this proud expression...)

In short, now Japan's Softbank acquired ARM company is a foregone conclusion.

But poor prince suddenly have a fear... Down down down

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