Google is angry! Android system fragmentation or will end completely, everyone can eat Android 8?

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Google is angry! Android system fragmentation or will end completely, everyone can eat Android 8?

2017-05-17 00:29:27 736 ℃

Fragmentation of the Android system has been a chronic problem. As an open source system, Android is a variety of mobile phone manufacturers for a variety of custom and landscaping, the entire ecology was torn apart, resulting in serious progress in each upgrade is not synchronized. In this regard, the heart of the most serious collapse is the Android system owner Google.

In fact, Google has a monthly share of each version of the system. As far as recent May 2nd figures show, the rolled sugar system, which has been released for nearly a year, has been released for nearly a year,7 and 7.1, the two editions add up to only 7.1%And compared with half of the lollipop and cotton candy, it is negligible.

In fact, Google has worked hard to solve the fragmentation problem. For example, in April last year, Google will Android developer preview version of 7 to a specific model of SONY Z3 open, hoping to bypass the third party vendors, direct push to the user new version of the system. But this idea is not realistic, because Google energy is limited, while Android manufacturers and models and innumerable, therefore ultimately settle a matter by leaving it unsettled.

Now, Google has come up with it againAnother solution to the slow upgrade of Android's system, called Project Treble. Below, Xiao Lei (WeChat ID:leitech) will give you a detailed description of what the project is in the end what.

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The traditional Android system upgrade process is very inefficient

First of all, let's take a look at what the traditional Android system upgrade process is like. In a nutshell, the process is divided into the following five steps.

  • In the first step, Google's Android team will announce the latest version of Android's open source code to the outside world.

  • The second step, the silicon wafer manufacturer, is the mobile phone components, such as Qualcomm, MediaTek mobile phone chip, will according to their own situation to the An Zhuoxin system source code and add custom.

  • The third step, mobile phone components company will modify the code sent to the design and manufacture of Android mobile phone manufacturers, such as millet, a plus. Mobile phone manufacturers will also be based on the needs of their models, once again modify this version of the code, such as customization of the kernel, as well as with their own design UI, functions, and so on.

  • The fourth step is to test and certify the new system by mobile phone manufacturers and operators.

  • The fifth step, mobile phone manufacturers and operators to push the new system in the form of OTA to the user, or provide a brush package for users to brush into.

That is to say, in the past, we have to upgrade the system is slow, not Google's fault, but different manufacturers experience different systems. This is why like LG, HTC and other manufacturers to upgrade quickly, some domestic manufacturers or a year or so and then upgrade the new system or installed directly in the new machine. It also reveals that third - party ROM such as Lineage and OS have been able to preempt new systems for users, and that it is related to the most time-consuming steps to bypass vendor customization.

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Google has presented a compatibility platform for developer API in the compatibility definition document (CDD) and provides a compatibility Suite (CTS). As the developers to write applications with any Android phone can be compatible with that of Treble project will this program is transferred from the app to the Android system framework.

In short, Project Treble can be compatible with the Android framework as different mobile phones are compatible with App. Its core concept is to separate Android's framework from low-level software code written by chip makers such as qualcomm.

As mentioned above, the crux of the problem of slow upgrading of Android systems is the customization of the third step mobile phone manufacturers. This step must begin after the end of the second step chip business code modification. In the future, mobile phone makers will be able to start working on parts of the An Zhuoxin system without waiting for the chip vendor's code. The second and third steps can be synchronized instead of being started in sequence, and the five step is simplified into four steps.

The following comparison diagram illustrates the intuitive differences between Treble projects before and after they are enabled. Before you enable it, you need to update all the code when the device wants to upgrade the most Xin'an Zhuo system.

Once enabled, there is a portion of code that is specific to the needs of the vendor and is more efficient and time-saving.

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The upgrade process for Android 8 will start the Treble project for the first time

According to Google,Project Treble will be implemented for the first time on the update of Android O, that is, Android 8.At the upcoming I/O conference this week, Google is expected to officially launch the Android O operating system, which has now launched a developer preview.

In accordance with the process, the new system will be completed in 8-9 months preview version of the iteration, announced the first official version of the upgrade for Pixel and Nexus models users. The vast majority of third party manufacturers will also be planning to start Android 8 system adaptation work at that time. According to Treble the process of the project, should be compared to the speed of Android 7 Upgrade last year, there will be no small improvement, may also be a breakthrough in the old model's popularity, after all the past just released flagship year priority upgrade.

Do you like Project Treble?

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