Xiaolong 835 than 821 how much? Just watch Running points on the OUT

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Xiaolong 835 than 821 how much? Just watch Running points on the OUT

2017-05-19 19:44:08 513 ℃

[China] mobile phone with SONY Xperia XZPremium and Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+ officially landed in the domestic market, and has been on sale of millet mobile phone 6, HTC in Taiwan released a new flagship U11, and will be released, one plus mobile phone Nubia Z17 5, Qualcomm Xiaolong 835 chip intelligent mobile phone looks will usher in a blowout. The spirit of "buy new electronic products do not buy the old" principle, the new flagship are undoubtedly more worthy of consumers to consider, but taking into account the most equipped Xiaolong 835 chip products of "people first" pricing, I take nine to five dead wage workers want to switch really ruthless ruthless heart, especially for users who bought Xiaolong 821 chip mobile phone may not half a year, there is no need to upgrade Xiaolong 835? Today, we passed Xiaolong 835 chip and Xiaolong 821 chip contrast to measure.

How much longer is Xiaolong 835 than 821?

We chose to test models equipped with 835 Xiaolong chip millet mobile phone 6, equipped with 821 Xiaolong chip plus a mobile phone 3T, select them because whether millet or a plus, the performance is a selling point for their most attention, at the same time they in the configuration is relatively close, is a combination of 1080P screen +6GB LRDDR4 +128GB UFS memory storage, the results are more representative.

The first stage is a popular entertainment rabbit ", eventually equipped with 821 Xiaolong chip plus a mobile phone 3T score of 163399, and is equipped with 835 Xiaolong chip millet mobile phone 6 score is 168649, the gap is less than 6000; the 3D performance score, equipped with 821 Xiaolong chip plus a mobile phone 3T score of 63145 however, equipped with 835 Xiaolong chip millet mobile phone 6 score is 70123, the gap is close to 8000.

Xiaolong 835/821 Tutu contrast

In the Geekbench 4 test, equipped with Xiaolong 821 chip plus a mobile phone, 3T single core / multi-core scores were 1845/4296, while equipped with Xiaolong 835 chip millet phone 6 single core / multi-core scores were 1934/6019. There is little gap in the performance of single nuclei, but there is a big gap in multicore.

Xiaolong 835/821 GeekBench contrast

Finally, 3DMark to test the performance of the two mobile phone chip GPU, and ultimately equipped with Xiaolong 821 chip plus a mobile phone 3T scoring 32086, while carrying Xiaolong 835 chip millet phone 6 scoring 39435.

Xiaolong 835/821 3dMark contrast

Through the three software test results show that integrated Qualcomm Kryo 280 architecture research since the eight nuclear CPU (nuclear size clocked at 2.45GHz and 1.9GHz) Xiaolong 835 chip and Adreno 540 GPU, in the overall performance is better than Xiaolong 821 chip (Kyro 200, Adreno 530 Quad CPU GPU). But the gap is not imagined so much. Simple understanding is that you may not feel the difference between the two when you use it everyday. You can run 835 of the games, and I can do well with 821. After all, there are not so many mobile games that have performance.

For most users, whether it is 835 or 821 Xiaolong Xiaolong can provide extremely smooth user experience, the pursuit of money snapdragon 835 new flagship properly do not regret it, bad money can continue to Xiaolong 821, and with a wide range of Xiaolong 835 flagship of the advent of mobile phone are also Xiaolong 821 will usher in a better price. For example, today's test of two models, equipped with Xiaolong 821 chip plus a mobile phone 3T, as well as equipped with Xiaolong 835 chip millet Mobile 6, are currently one of the most worth buying platform products.

So this is the final conclusion? Of course not!

In addition to performance, there is another important indicator of mobile phone chips, that is, baseband. As the world's first equipped with Gigabit LTE modem X16 LTE chip, Xiaolong 835 chip is more important role in the future.

Xiaolong 835 starts X16 LTE Gigabit modem

In the field of mobile Modem, Qualcomm from first to last are at the leading level of the industry, in the X12 LTE modem Xiaolong 821 chip used above, with the help of new technology of 4 * 4 MIMO, 3 x 20MHz CA, 256-QAM and LTE-U, to achieve a downlink speed, 600Mbps 150Mbps LTE Cat 12/13 uplink speed standard, the performance is at the same time other mobile chips are equipped with Modem incomparable.

Xiaolong 835 equipped with chip X16 LTE modem is bringing us into the Gbps era from the Mbps era, X16 snapdragon LTE modem using 14nm FinFET technology, collocation Qualcomm RF transceiver WTR5975, by 4 * 4 MIMO, FDD and TDD cross spectrum support, up to 4 x 20MHz downlink CA and 256-QAM the implementation of 150Mbps uplink and downlink speed of 1Gbps, speed reached LTE Cat 13/16 standard.

Xiaolong 835 leads Gigabit LTE

Gigabit LTE is an important cornerstone of the 5G mobile experience, and as multiple Gigabit LTE networks will be deployed worldwide in 2017, a network without geographical restrictions allows you to broadcast whenever and wherever you want. Qualcomm earlier testing at Sydney as an example, 32 minutes long video 153M size for a period of time, after the connection of Gigabit LTE network, with 17 seconds to complete the video download, upload a 294M video with only 40 seconds, maximum upload rate reached 82.7Mb/s. We currently use the Internet, but 37.50Mb/s uplink and downlink peak, 6.25Mb/s peak, the gap between the great and easy to see.

What does that mean? To know the rate has been very close to the mobile flash random read speed, so, in the Gigabit LTE environment, you can enjoy the "unlimited" cloud storage, even Gigabit LTE can watch online fast second speed, drag the progress bar and the local video makes no difference. In the Gigabit LTE network support, VR can truly experience low delay, and delay is an important parameter affecting the VR products use a sense of vertigo, as far as possible to eliminate the delay low sense of vertigo, bring a better VR experience.

From this aspect, before the Gigabit LTE network has not spread, using Xiaolong Xiaolong 821 and 835 experience no big difference, but when the Gigabit LTE net comes, upload and download faster Xiaolong 835 will undoubtedly make you cool to fly, just like we just change from 3G to 4G.

So, do you know how to choose?